What Should Be A Peaceful Walk With Her Dog Turns Into Creepy Horror Story For This Woman

.Taking your doggo for a walk is supposed to be fun. Your dog gets to stretch his legs and, you get some much-needed exercise after the holiday period. This wasn’t the case for Lily Evans. What should have been a regular walk in the park turned into a nightmare when a complete stranger decided to invade her personal space in the creepiest possible way.

Lily explained her story on Twitter, and it should go as a warning to women everywhere to be careful, even when walking the dog. And it should go without saying to all the men out there, don’t do this.

It all started out innocent enough.

Here you can see the signs emerging that this dude might be a little on the creepy side, but so far you could pass it off as just being friendly, if a certain kind of super creepy friendly..

But then things got.. worse.

Ugh. Who does this guy think he is? In what universe is any of this okay?

Luckily Lily made it out okay, if a little shaken.

Poor Lily. Not only has this guy scared the crap out of her, but she also had to rework her daily routine to avoid having this happen again and again. Nonetheless, this has happened to her, again and again. Men of the world, I think it’s time to rethink your strategies. If she’s just taking her dog for a walk, she’s probably not that interested in being picked up by you.

Lily closed her story with an important message

Stay safe. I couldn’t agree more, Lily. I think it’s time we all took stories like Lily’s a bit more seriously and started thinking about the way we treat other people. So guys, next time you see a cute girl out walking her dog, or buying groceries, or painting her fence think about what she’s doing. Does she look like she’s down to score? Or does it look like she’s trying to walk her dog? Again, stay safe everyone.

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