10+ Tweets that Show How Dearly We Hold On To Our Precious Furry Goofballs

  • By Silas
  • January 25, 2018
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As a dog lover, you must relate to the warmth and joy that you feel browsing through the cute doggo photos on the Internet. Everyone who has a dog never misses out on an opportunity to show the world how smart and adorable they are.

It’s not just pictures that catch our attention anymore.

These tweets about dogs are so clever and hilarious that you would laugh out loud at them. So sit back and enjoy, wherever you are, while ignoring the judgmental stares for laughing like crazy!

#1. Priorities.

#2. Helluva Magic Trick

#3. Socializing with Humans? Nah!

#4. No Doubt Mike is the Best

#5. The Greatest Hit Number

#6. For the Pro Gamers

#7. Gonna Try this One for Sure

#8. Not the Beethoven He Wanted

#9. Dogs have Better Manners, That’s Why

#10. The Right Way

#11. The Presentation Matters

#12. Very, Very Uncool

#13. The Dog Comes First

#14. Getting Hired 101

#15. The Dog Has Your Back


#16. DELETE!

#17. Where is this Relationship Going?

#18. America’s Next Top Model

#19. Start Taking Notes

#20. Keep it Down

#21. The Wonderful Miracle That is Life

#22. The Most Painful Regret

#23. The Life Hacks You Actually Need

#24. I Dare You

#25. It’s that Time of the Year

#26. Every-heckin-Time!

If this isn’t true love, what is? We love our dogs to the furthest stars and back, and we proudly proclaim it to the world!


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