Why is My Dog Hiding and Acting Strange

Dogs will go off some places when they are going to bite someone. Thus, when you see your dog is hiding and acting strange, you might fear the most awful. While it is believable, we want to consider, there is a wide range of explanations behind this unusual conduct in dogs.

In the upper image, the dog is hiding and acting strange, we show the significance of the beginning of the issue before making quick judgment calls. We will examine how we want to treat our beloved dogs to defeat this issue.

There can be multiple reasons why dogs are hiding and acting strange. Some of them are following:

  • Dogs often hide and act strange when they are not feeling well
  • Fear of something
  • Storm phobia
  • Traumatic experience
  • Fear of a stranger
  • Loneliness
  • Mistreatment
  • Psychological issue
  • Starving

Why dog hide when they are Sick?

The main thing that strikes a chord at whatever point somebody says that their dogs are hiding and acting strange is a disease. Also, a few dogs would rather not associate with people when they feel unwell

Have you seen that your dog is hiding and acting strange? Then, at that point, you may be worried about stress about what’s causing this conduct change in your dogs.

My dog is hiding and acting strange

To understand why your dog is acting strange we need to define what is strange. Firstly, it is relative. If you think your dog is acting strange, it is because they are out of their normal healthy behavior. As we discussed above, you need to know what is normal behavior for your dog before you can tell if anything has changed.

Dog has fear of something

Another reason behind why your dog is hiding and acting strange is fear of something. It might be fire. Dogs are attracted to noisy voices and brilliant, blazing lights. Fire is not something that happens in your dog’s life. It’s an occasion which happens many times each year. It’s scaring and it’s unpredictable, and your dog fails to see what’s happening out there.

Thusly, a dog is maybe unfortunate of noisy disturbance for weeks or months after the occasion. Thus, the dog may run to his hiding place at a point something noisy is happening in the house.

To facilitate dogs’ doubts and help them with managing fire, you should close every one of the windows and attract the drapes to obstruct the lights and the sounds.

Storm Phobia

Other than fire, dogs have storm fears. They would rather avoid the sound of noises or the brilliant blazes of lightning, so they pace gasp or hide away during a rainstorm.

During storms, you ought to give your dogs a protected spot to hide away and be close to them to offer energetic help.

A few experts propose playing background noise turning up the TV to the going tempest.


Think of the days before dogs began hiding and acting strange. Does something complete happen that might have damaged your dogs?

For an instance, here and there dogs break something when they are separated from everyone else at home. On the off chance that they get injured all the while, it could clarify your dogs’ strange conduct.

When you find what’s the problem, you can deal with less sensitive dogs to the improvement. Or on the other hand, confirm that your dogs don’t get presented to them.

Psychological Sufferings of the dog

Another reason why your dogs may be hiding and acting strange is anxiety and stress. Dogs would rather avoid it when things change since they’re not sure what’s going on. It seems like the final battle is coming, and the main logical answer for your dog is hiding and acting strange.

To try not to push your dogs, you ought to present changes sooner rather than later. In a few examples of discomfort and stress, your dog will require prescriptions to assist him with quieting down.

Another factor we want to consider is the age of the dog. Senior dogs might hope to hide in corners because of something many refer to as a disease. Like in people, this is a weakening of the mind which can cause social changes. One specific change is a craving to search out corners of a room.

Unfamiliar With Strangers

Not all dogs are friendly with strangers. Some are careful about people due to past bad experiences or the absence of appropriate socialization. Others are uncertain and alert naturally.

Assuming your dog gets anxious around others, having outsiders in your home may clarify why the dog is acting strange and hiding in the corner.

In these circumstances, it’s smarter to let your dog be until further notice. Work on mixing your grown-up dog when it is quiet, and you can handle the circumstance. Then, at that point, you may welcome your companions again and permit it to become habitual to them.


Dogs are hiding and acting strange because they need some peace. Dogs may be worn out on all the consideration you’ve been giving them, or your youngsters may be becoming a lot for it to deal with.

In these cases, your dog may look for the comfort of a hiding spot so he can have a rest without somebody upsetting him. A dog is hiding and acting strange because dogs need space when they’re tragic, stressed, or restless.

Be that as it may, hiding away could be likewise an indication of disease, assuming it proceeds for over a little while. Along these lines, you talk about it with your doctor on the off chance that you accept that isn’t something right with your pet.


Even though you’ve never abused your dogs, they may have still been forced to endure mistreatment. This is more uncertain that you got your dog as a baby and turns out to be more probable the more established your dog was the point at which you got them.

Many people indeed mistreat their dogs. Your dog may be bound to have borne mistreatment assuming you took on it from a safe house. In any event, it very well may be hard to defeat the personal conduct standards brought about by misconduct, and it will take a ton of persistence on your part. Mistreatment can be the reason for hiding and acting strange.


Dogs might be hiding and acting strange because they are Hungry. They don’t know the human language it might be their way of telling us about their food craving.

Psychology proves that humans behave strangely when they feel a craving for anything. Similarly, it applies to animals as well.

There’s frequently a simple clarification for why dogs invest such a lot of energy under the kitchen table. To hold them back from delaying or asking, train them to avoid the room while you are cooking or eating and prize them with treats for doing as such.

Why Dogs Are Hiding And Acting Strange?

Moreover, to discuss more their strange behavior. Have you at any point asked why dogs invest such a lot of energy hiding under the bed or a table? There are a few reasons behind why this normal dog’s conduct may be going on, some of which are more disturbing than others. Assuming your dog demands dashing under the bed or a table to hide.

Dogs might want change

Assuming your house is comfortable and you have people over, the dog may hide to track down a calm spot. Frequently, dogs used to calm homes wind up contained by different dogs and friendly people, and simply need a break from the disturbance.

How to treat dog when it is hiding and acting Strange ?

On the off chance that there is a justification for why the Dogs is hiding, you address said issue and the dogs stop its strange conduct, then, at that point, you should not have to do anything more. Be that as it may, in the wake of evaluating the most widely recognized reasons for why the dog is hiding and acting strange, it is essential to feature the significance of going to the doctor. 

Dog want something, they don’t have

My dog might have observed a treat or food that fell on the floor and they’re attempting to hide it under a bed or table. A few dogs will eat such food sources alone to have everything to themselves

My dog once hides under the work area in the wake of finding fruit to eat off of the floor. To justify the above statement, the reason behind their strange behavior is that they want something, they don’t have.

How to manage when the dog is hiding and acting strange ?

To get your dog to quit investing such a lot of energy hiding under things, one thing is to prepare them to play out alternate conduct. Assuming that your dog is hiding under the bed, an ordinarily. Be that as it may when they’re lying on a mat or a carpet, give them a treat. Keep at it and in the long run, your dog will probably figure out how to change its conduct.

Excessive screaming of Dog

If you’ve at any point stepped on your dog’s foot, you’ve heard it voice or shout. In any case, if nothing suffering by all accounts is happening to your dog, then, at that point, this is strange and disturbing conduct to see.

Much of the time, if the dog is shouting, it’s facing torment. If you can’t observe the reason for suffering, then, at that point, you should take your dog to the vet for a more careful assessment. Usually, dogs scream due to irritation.


Crying isn’t quite as loud as shouts and cries, all things being equal, offering a natural piece of information about an issue with your dog.

Research proves that animals have also emotions. A dog might feel sadness due to some reason. Therefore, it is crying.

If your dog is crying, a few things could be the guilty. It is the possibility that it is happening due to worriedness, exhaustion, aggression, focus, or restlessness

Rubbing their butt on the ground

It’s normal to see a dog rubbing its butt along the ground. However, since it’s ordinary doesn’t mean it’s great. A dog might rub their butt on the floor due to anxiety or stress.


Things are more disturbing than when your dearest dog appears to turn on you, acting towards you in a that you’ve never seen. We can think about this conduct by thinking about a few basic elements.

For example, the dog may be in change, it very well may be a worry. This could occur that there have been changes in your dog’s current circumstance as of late or on the other hand on the off chance that something damaging has happened like visiting a doctor.

Deficiency in nutrition

Assuming that your dog is lazy, lacking energy, or acting strange and down, then, at that point, perhaps deficient nourishment is the reason for this attitude

At the point when your dog isn’t getting enough calories, their body will not be enough energy. This could be because of a lack of nutrition because your dog isn’t sufficient food. It is a fact when we eat less our mood often swings. Same as it can apply to animals as well.

Unusual barking of the dog

It’s for dogs to bark when they sense something like people enter or hear a truck pass near the home. In any case, it’s not for a dog to bark when there’s nothing to cause such a response. 

By doing this. Different attitudes can happen such as dread, tension, stress, or in any event, hidden disease.

What to do? when dog is hiding and acting strange

Grab a dog treat and set it down close to your dog’s hiding spot. Simply stay there and gently talk with them offering the treat. Assuming you’ve at any point left the dog with another person take your sweet child to the vet and ensure there isn’t any long-lasting harm.

On the off chance that you haven’t had them tried for whatever infections may cause this sort of conduct when your dog becomes helpful once more.

Know your Dog

Get to know your dog and know what’s typical and not ordinary. They hide under tables out of nowhere, and that is another conduct, observe. It very well may be an indication of a focused-on dog or a warning that is a wrong thing. If you doubt that your dog isn’t well, then, at that point, head to the animal’s doctor to have them looked at straight away.

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