Woman Catches Doggo Red-Handed As He Steals A Kiss From Her Boyfriend!

Abby Schrute had a problem. She had adopted a wonderful dog called Harvey who was rescued from the devastating hurricane of the same name. At the same time, she had an equally wonderful boyfriend called Ethan (who hasn’t been in any hurricanes that we’re aware of) for the past two years.

The thing was Harvey was extremely people shy, so she wasn’t able to introduce the two for a long while. He’d cower and snarl at the sight of people, which isn’t a good sign. After giving it a few days, she decided the time was right to invite Ethan over.

“Harvey is terrified of people. When I first had him, he would not let anyone else near him except for me.”

When the day finally came, however, there were no bared teeth, no snarling, no cowering, nothing. Ethan and Harvey were destined to be the best of friends…

“Harvey was immediately 100 percent comfortable with him. It was crazy to see how much they enjoyed each other’s company. I’m not sure why they hit it off so quickly, but I like to think it’s because Harvey is a good judge of character.”

This is great, not only is it fantastic that Harvey is learning to socialize well with other people, but now Abby can have Ethan over to her place. There’s just one tiny little problem has kind of stolen Ethan’s heart, and Abby has definitely noticed.

“They are always affectionate. Harvey loves to cuddle and will always cuddle with Ethan. I think my dog now loves him more than he loves me!”

She even has video evidence. Here we see suspect A; we’ll call him “Harvey,” shown on video stealing a kiss from suspect B, we’ll call him “Ethan.”


With time Abby has learned to come to terms with this new arrangement. It’s okay to feel like a third wheel if all the wheels love each other very much I guess.

“Sometimes I do feel a bit jealous of how much he loves Ethan, but I know Harvey loves me just as much, so I always get over it.”

There’s a whole lot of love to go around, and that’s just fantastic.

From trapped in a hurricane to having two loving parents, what reason would Harvey have not to flash such a delightful smile?

I really hope the relationship can survive these infidelities. Ethan and Abby seem like such a lovely couple, and I’m sure Harvey didn’t mean anything by it. I’m sure with time they’ll all look back at this as just a little bump in the road. Godspeed Abby and Ethan (& Harvey).



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