This Woman Dumped Her Dogs In The Middle Of The Road And Tired To Get Away With It

How inhuman can someone be?

I mean you might have seen the cruel behavior of people many times. But, what this woman did to her dogs is truly disturbing and upsetting. So some time ago this heartless woman drove 4 of her dogs in an empty lot and tried to dump them. But luckily, a Samaritan from San Antonio Texas, who was present there when the incident took place intervened in an attempt to stop that woman from doing so.

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This is the disturbing footage that the Texan woman managed to capture just outside her house.

The Samaritan tried to stop her multiple times. But that heartless woman didn’t even bother listening.

In the video, it can be seen how she warned that woman of the consequences she’d have to face if she dumped her dogs.

But the woman left her dogs outside and got back into the car.

And left.

The poor souls seemingly didn’t even know what happened, as they were hoping their owner would return.

But she didn’t.

That’s not it. After all this happened, the person sitting in the back of the car showed a middle finger to the camera, revealing more of how pathetic they were.

This terrible incident was reported, and the authorities managed to find 3 of the dogs and sent them to a proper animal shelter. However, they couldn’t find the fourth dog, and it remained missing.

However, later the ex-owner decided to help find the 4th dog. She probably changed her mind after seeing her other three dogs in the animal shelter.

When the 4th dog was found, the woman turned herself in. And according to the laws in Texas, any person who abandons an animal could be sentenced to a year in prison in addition to a fine up to $4000.

Here is the official statement released by the Animal Care Services of San Antonio after they successfully rescued three of the missing dogs. They also gave a very important message to everyone.

This is how the people on the internet responded to the whole incident.

We should be thankful for the efforts of the Animal Care Center. What do you think about all of this? Drop a comment below and share your thoughts with us.

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