A Young Woman’s Clever Way to Sneak in Her Dog Into the Hospital is All You Need Today

  • By Silas
  • December 28, 2017
  • 2 minutes read

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a woman, her dog, and her grandma together did something so sweet that it would have you reach for your tissues. This adorable story begins with the grandma at the hospital.


A bad reaction to some medicines led to the hospitalization of Donna, Shelby Hennick’s grandmother. Shelby would visit her but felt bad for her grandma who was sad staying away from her family and her dog. What this 22-year old did has won everyone’s hearts. She brought in Patsy, her grandma’s dog, into the hospital for a visit as well. “But that is not allowed,” they said. Well, Shelby found a brilliant way to sneak Patsy in. A blanket was all she needed.

The credit goes to her mother, according to this Veterinary Technician from Santa Maria, California. “The idea was actually my mom’s to break her in. But I just happened to have a blanket in my car, so I decided to make her look like a baby!” she quoted to Today.com.

Her idea worked! And nobody in the hospital realized what she had done. Until they saw her tweets, that is. Shelby sneaked in the pooch under a blanket making it look like a baby, and the hospital officials had no idea at all. Even her grandma was initially surprised when she saw Patsy for she thought Shelby had actually brought her sister’s baby for a visit.  Donna was delighted on seeing Patsy. “I believe it made her feel better, more at home,” she said to Today.com.

This cheeky trick would come in handy when you try to sneak in something forbidden into the hospital, like your own dog or two. Who knows, this could work for you just like it did for Shelby and it won’t be the grim place it is anymore.

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