Women Prank Their Friends By Pretending To Adopt A Doggo And Taking It Home

A prank is a double edged sword, hilarious for the pranker, and embarrassing for the prankee. Luckily, you are neither of these people so you get to just sit back and enjoy. These women were tasked with pranking their friend and significant others with the news that they’d just adopted a new pit-bull, the results speak for themselves.

#1 Kathleen + Michael

Kathleen and Michael have been together for nine years, which is apparently long enough for Michael to be bestowed with the nickname “Miguel”. Check out Michael’s reaction upon learning that a new pupper would be entering their tiny apartment in Jersey City.

“The only way I could do this was to drop the photo into our text exchange and then not say anything else. There is nothing Michael talks about more than adopting a dog,” Kathleen said. “When I got home, he jokingly asked where the dog was, but he had figured it out by then.”

#2 Carin + Claudia

These two have been BFFs since college and are currently room-mates. Upon learning of Carin’s decision, Claudia was, let’s say, not amused.

“She sensed it was probably a prank, since she used to work here and knows we get into crazy shenanigans at Cosmo,” Carina said. “But when I told her it was a joke, she admitted that she was a little nervous since I am a dog freak and impulsive enough to actually do something like this probably.”

#3 Elizabeth + David

Elizabeth and David are engaged to be wed, but it seems that they might need to work on their communication skills a teeny tiny bit.

“By the time I got home that night, he had already forgotten about it,” Elizabeth said. “To be honest, I don’t think he ever really believed me.”

#4 Hana + Harrison

Hana and Harrison are brother and sister and it seems Harrison is pretty wise to Hana’s prank-centric ways.

“I had him open the front door for me and started scratching it so he would think Chase [the dog] was there,” Hana said. “He wasn’t amused when he didn’t see the dog and gave me a look. I think he wanted him.”

#5 Tess + Mike

Tess and Mike have been dating for six years. One day, Tess decided to prank him by saying she was about to bring home a pitbull.

“We have been talking about getting a dog for years,” Tess said. “But even though I’m a sucker for all pups, I’m a basic golden retriever girl at heart, so he knew I had to be lying about adopting a pit bull.”

#6 Allie + Mike

A new couple who’ve been dating for less than a year and that might just last given how wise Mike is to Allie’s shenanigans.

“I grew up with dachshunds, my whole family has dachshunds, and I talk about how I want a dachshund daily, so me saying I was adopting a pit bull was a big giveaway for him,” Alie said. “He wasn’t mad at all — just proud of himself for spotting me trying to trick him so quickly. Moral of the story: If you want to successfully prank your boyfriend, don’t talk to him about anything ever.”

#7 Peggy + Gregory

These two have been living together for over a year in a one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. And what does any one bedroom apartment need? A doggo of course!

#8 Alexa + Alexander

Another pair of buds who’ve been living together since college. It seems Alexander was a little disappointed when he learned the doggo affair was just a prank…

“He was kind of disappointed,” Alexa said. “I was shocked he believed me because he should know me well enough to know I would never randomly adopt a dog. I am not that impulsive and I really want a cat. I like other people’s dogs but would probably never get my own. Plus we’ve talked about him wanting a dog, and I’ve always said no, so it would be so weird for me to just bring one home. He was just hoping it was real, I guess, and now I feel kind of bad.”

How would you react if placed in this situation? Do you think you’d catch on to the prank or would you be left dumbfounded when in fact don’t have a new pupper after all?

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