This Dog’s Transformation In 8 Months After Being Rescued From The Streets Is Totally Unbelievable

Frodo was probably not expecting to live long. Disheveled and neglected, he was lurking around waiting for his small life to end. His eyes were infected, and he was covered with mange. He did not look like the cute puppies you see on Instagram. Some even claim that he looked as scary as the Devil himself. But good humans found him and saved him.

The starving pup was found wandering the streets of Croatia in May last year. His bad condition shocked his savior and animal rescuer, Klaudija Sigurnjak. She told The Dodo, “I could hardly believe it was really a dog. I immediately set about rescuing him.” After winning his trust with food, she did everything possible to bring him back to health. But it was not easy.


“He was full of fleas and ticks and starved to the bone. We were not sure whether or not he’d survive.”

Extremely starved, he had been out there struggling on his own for quite a while.

His rescuers were not sure if he would survive


Klaudija gave the love and care which Frodo needed the most

Frodo lost his right eye, but not his fight

Frodo’s Faster than Expected Recovery Has Surprised Everyone


He regained his pup energy not long after getting saved

“His transformation was phenomenal,” said Klaudija. “We never dreamt that he would be so beautiful.”

It had just been eight months, and Frodo had dropped his old, ragged look completely for good


Frodo was ready to get adopted

His new family loves him a lot!

He couldn’t be happier!

Whatever Frodo went through in the past was hard, but he has emerged victorious. He has shown that with a bit of human love, doggos can overcome everything!

Picture credits: Klaudija Sigurnjak | Marko Duspara

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