Corgi Consoles A Mourning Man At The Airport In An Endearing Way Will Melt Your Heart

Dogs have their own ways of being there for someone or cheering someone up any time of the day.

It’s like their sixth sense of being able to smell out the sadness of someone and to just go over to that person to see what could they do to make that person’s day better.

And that makes them truly little angels that sometimes we don’t even deserve.

Meet Cora the corgi, who recently tried to cheer a stranger up despite her mum being close to her.

Cora is a trained therapy dog and lives with her hooman, Madison Palm, in Couer d’Alene, Idaho.

I mean, what a cutie!

Cora and her hooman traveled to Alaska to visit Madison’s mother and had a layover in Seattle.

Sure is tiring when you gotta wait for someone eh?

However, Cora noticed something while waiting.

She spotted a lone stranger waiting in the seating section and decided to keep him company for a while.

Geplaatst door Madison Palm op vrijdag 9 februari 2018

Madison wrote about the incident in one of her Facebook posts:

“Cora quietly tiptoed away from me during our crazy-long layover and plopped herself right next to a complete stranger. He gave her scratches, told her how cute she was, and proceeded to take a photo of her. I’ve never had a doubt that Cora can sense those who are hurting and those who need companionship and love.”

It seems that the man was grieving as he had lost his own pooch the night before.

Cora quietly tip toed away from me during our crazy long layover and plopped herself right next to a complete stranger….

Geplaatst door Madison Palm op vrijdag 9 februari 2018

Madison thinks Cora can sense sadness and feel empathetic for others.

“I think she can somehow sense who is experiencing depression, sadness, and loss. She aims to comfort people, it’s her favorite thing to do.”

Cora is truly one of a kind doggo.

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