7 Best Dog Anxiety Vests To Keep Your Dog Calm

7 Best Dog Anxiety Vests To Keep Your Dog Calm

If your dog gets anxious at the loud sounds of fireworks, or it feels nervous at the sound of lightning, say your dog cannot deal with separation anxiety because it loves you too much. Or maybe it has just had surgery, an anxiety vest is a product that can help your dog calm down in any of these mentioned, and many more, situations.

The comfortable vest can easily be put on your dog and the sensation of slight weight that it provides on the dog’s chest helps it ease a bit and cope with the anxiety. These anxiety vests save you the cost of visiting the vet and they work like a charm.

Well, today we are sparing you the headache of trying to find one by sharing our favourites after trying and testing the most popular Anxiety vests for you to easily choose from.

1. ThunderShirt Anxiety Vest For Dogs

ThunderShirt Anxiety Vest For Dogs

ThunderShirt is one of if not the most well-known and trusted brands for providing the most efficient anxiety vests in the market. The vest is extremely comfortable to wear and applies light and constant pressure to the chest at a very consistent level to help the dog calm down.

The ThunderShirt anxiety vest does its job perfectly to keep the anxiety away from the dog wearing it in situations like heavy lightning, and thunderstorms when the dog is separated from its loved one, when it has to visit the vet, and when it hears loud fireworks. The factors that I just mentioned are about 80% of all factors that cause anxiety in a dog.

The anxiety vest is available in a variety of sizes ranging from XX-Small to XX-Large. It is slightly expensive compared to the other options but the efficiency with which it does its job will certainly make you want to get it.

2. KittyStar Breathable Dog Anxiety Vest

KittyStar Breathable Dog Anxiety Vest

When a dog feels anxious it wants its owner to quickly hug it tightly. But if the owner isn’t there to calm his/her dog, they can get this anxiety shirt from KittyStar, put it on their dog and it will serve the exact same purpose. This vest is extremely comfortable to wear thanks to the high-quality combination of materials like 62% viscose fiber, 33% polyester, and 5% spandex.

The best feature of this anxiety shirt is that the dog can go out on walks while wearing it as well. It is flexible enough to allow the dog to freely move around and enjoy itself. The dog barely feels it is wearing anything to help cope with anxiety.

The vest comes at an affordable price and is definitely the one to get for dogs who have anxiety issues and a love for walks at the same time.

3. Mellow Shirt Dog Anxiety Calming Wrap

Mellow Shirt Dog Anxiety Calming Wrap

Not only does this anxiety vest keep your dog calm, but it also comes in 6 different bright colors to make your dog look good as well. You name anxiety issues that a dog faces, and this vest deals with them like it is nothing by applying slight pressure to the dog’s chest.

The vest is lightweight making it comfortable and very breathable to wear for longer periods of time. The vest is available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from XX-Small to X-Large. It costs just as much as most of the other options available on the list.

4. Forthcan Dog Recovery Suit

Forthcan Dog Recovery Suit

Dealings after surgery can be tough. The post-surgical wounds and trauma can make the dog feel really anxious. In such a situation, you would want to get a suit or a vest that helps the dog recover from surgery with ease and provide anxiety relief at the same time.

Don’t look any further because this Forthcan Dog Recovery Suit can do both jobs simultaneously and super efficiently. The soft and stretchable suit covers your dog entirely to avoid it from licking its wounds to ensure a quick recovery. The slight weight of the suit applies pressure on the dog’s body to provide relief from any sort of anxiety.

The suit is available in sizes ranging from X-Small to XXX-Large, which means you are bound to get a snug fit for your dog. Even though the suit has double functionality, it still costs the same as the other options.

5. ThunderShirt Large Dog Anxiety Vest

ThunderShirt Large Dogs Anxiety Vest

Just so our large dogs don’t get left out, ThunderShift has a specific anxiety vest made for large dogs only. It fits them perfectly and is flexible enough to allow complete and full movement. Available in two colors Fuchsia and Platinum, the vest makes your dog stand out well while doing its job of keeping it calm. The minimum dog weight recommendation to get this vest is 41 pounds.

The price point is slightly more than the ThunderShirt shared above but it is bound to provide far more value to your large dog if compared to the price point it is being offered at.

6. Surgi Snuggly Anti-Anxiety Relief Surgical Dog Onesie

Surgi Snuggly Anti Anxiety Relief Surgical Dog Onesie

This suit is the one for your dog if it has just been through surgery as it serves the purpose of restricting your dog from licking its wounds resulting in quick recovery, as well as protection from any injuries, and it provides relief from random anxiety attacks that can take place during the recovery process.

The onesie is available in 6 distinct colors and ranges from an XX-Smale to X-Large. The Surgi Snuggly vest will cost you just as much as the majority of vests mentioned above with multiple functionalities. We hope your dog never goes through surgery, but if it ever does this is the option for you.

7. KINGSWELL Dog Anxiety Jacket

KINGSWELL Dog Anxiety Jacket

The KINGSWELL dog anxiety jacket has a taffeta shell around it that allows the inner jacket layer to become waterproof and allows it to stay dry even if the dog goes out on a walk in the rain.

The jacket can be fastened on through buckles and the comfortable, high-quality material makes it very easy for your dog to wear this anxiety jacket for long periods of time. The jacket also comes equipped with a small pocket at the back that can be used to carry the required stuff.

The extra large size will fit your large dog perfectly. And the price point is around the same range as all the other products in this list.

I really hope this list will help you easily decide which anxiety jacket to get for your dog, depending on its needs, size, and budget.

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