7 Best Dog Clippers For Grooming Your Dog’s Hair

7 Best Dog Clippers For Grooming Your Dog

The haircut of your dog is an essential grooming step. As the hair keeps growing, you will not be able to detect the condition of your dog’s skin, the hair may get into its eyes causing irritation, and (on a lighter side) the dog can start looking homeless. With inflation too high and the world going into a global recession, visiting a groomer every month can get very costly.

The solution is to get yourself a clipper and give your dog a haircut yourself. It doesn’t take much to learn how to use the clippers properly but it does take much to know which dog clipper is the right one to get. Don’t worry because I have covered the research and testing part for you and have created a list of the 7 best clippers for grooming your dog, in order to make it really easy to select one best suited for your dog.

1. Wahl Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper

Wahl Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper

Wahl is a great specialist when it comes to creating hair clippers for humans, let alone pets. This product comes with an option to use it with a cord or on the Lithium Ion battery installed within. The battery runs enough to give a complete haircut to small to medium-sized dogs.

The clipper comes with a small kit containing a cleaner, oil, a small comb, and a pair of little scissors. There are 4 blades that the operator can work with and they are all coated in different colors so you can quickly grab one as per need knowing which one is which.

The blades may not work too efficiently on matted coats but given the price is less than half of the options we are going to explore, this clipper certainly is the best value for money.

2. Artero Spektra Professional Hairstyling Trimmer

Artero Spektra Professional Hairstyling Trimmer

The Artero Spektra clipper is mainly used for trimming and hairstyling purposes and it is not recommended to get deep as the blades might be able to perform at their fullest. The clipper comes equipped with a 5-speed motor that allows you to change the speed of the cutting blades as per requirement.

This dog clipper also comes with an option to use with the cord and without it by shifting to the battery. There is also a mini digital screen installed on the clipper for you to easily know what speed the blade is operating at and how will the battery run if you are using the clipper cordless.. pretty perfect for planning ahead.

The only downside for this dog clipper is that it is on the expensive side but for that money, it will make your dog look fresh and neat every time you pick it up to groom your dog’s hair.

3. Kenchii Flash 5-Speed Dog Hair Clipper

Kenchii Flash 5-Speed Dog Hair Clipper

Hair grooming can take time in the case of big and hairy dogs. Kenchii’s Flash Hair Trimmer is the option to go for in this case because it is powered with a Lithium battery that has the capacity to run for 6 whole uninterrupted hours. The cordless mechanism allows you to freely move around while you trim your dog’s hair in sensitive areas like near the eyes or around the private parts.

The motor allows the cutting blade to operate at 5 different speeds but you don’t have to select which one to be on thanks to the Smart Chip Technology installed within the trimmer. As soon as it senses resistance, the motor powers up resulting in a high-speed shift to get through the tough hair without any problems.

The rust-free blades allow them to operate smoothly not creating any annoying sounds that may irritate your dog while it is being groomed. This trimmer is a heavy one-time investment when you take cost considerations into account but it certainly is a piece of equipment to have at home if you are looking for the best of the best as it cuts hair like butter.

4. WAHL Easy Pro For Pets

WAHL Easy Pro for Pets

Here is another clipper from Wahl. This one is even cheaper than the one reviewed above and the low price is certainly a great bonus given how high the quality of this clipper is. The ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and use for a longer period of time. It comes with a kit containing 4 blade options, a comb, a scissor, and cleaners for the blade.

The clipper can be used with a cord or without it by shifting on battery power. It will work efficiently on fine to medium coats. The main blade can be changed on the clipper making it a long-lasting product. This Dog clipper works better on shorter fur as compared to deeper, and a longer one.

I know it is a bit hard to believe how affordable this WAHL easy pro clipper is given all the features it has. This is a great option for dog owners on a budget or those who like giving their dog a nice trim on a frequent basis.

5. Highdas Dog Grooming Kit Clippers

Dog Grooming Kit Clippers

If you don’t have the time to give your dog a complete haircut and like to give it a trim frequently, the Highdas Dog Clipper is the one for you. It comes with all the required accessories like multiple blade options, a comb, scissors, etc.

The motor is super quiet, a feature that can come in handy for dogs who have anxiety problems from loud noises. This clipper is a great option for dog owners on a budget if we compare the quality it provides with the price it is being offered at.

6. Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal Clipper

Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal Clipper

This is a clipper best suited for both a professional groomer as well as a dog owner. Andis’ EasyClean Pro-Animal clipper is a corded clipper with a very powerful rotary motor inside. This makes it one of the strongest clippers on the list. You will literally feel like you you are cutting through butter even when you are dealing with the toughest of furs.

The blade is detachable so you can clean it with ease and even change it when the time comes to do so. It also is a joy to use as the weight and the feel of the clipper get you in those professional feels.

It is a premium product given its relatively high price point but it is going to last for a very long time so it’s a great investment if you ask me.

7. oneisall Dog Clipper

oneisall Dog Clippers

Oneisall Dog Clipper is another super affordable option for dog owners who do take their dog to the groomer for a complete grooming session but like to trim their dogs’ hair frequently for special occasions or to keep it looking nice and clean in general.

The two-speed motor works efficiently to keep the noise at a minimum while using but it can get a bit louder with frequent usage of the clipper. A full battery’s charge can get this cordless trimmer to work seamlessly for up to 2.5 hours.

There are 6 blade attachment options that come along with other necessary accessories as part of the kit. You don’t have to worry about taking your dog to a groomer to get it to get ready for a special dinner because you can now do it yourself thanks to this dog clipper.

Now that you have all the details you need on the best dog clippers available in the market select one for your dog. I really hope this guide helped you with the decision regarding which one fits your needs.

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