6 Best Dog Toothbrushes For Your Dog’s Oral Hygiene

6 Best Dog Toothbrushes For Your Dog's Oral Hygiene

Among other things, one essential product that you must get for your dog is an effective toothbrush. They’ve got teeth just like us and their oral hygiene needs to be taken care of on a daily basis to avoid any diseases or infections to form, and of course to keep those teeth white and shining. In order to get the most efficient toothpaste, that you use, on every part of every tooth and over the gums, you need a good toothbrush.

If you don’t brush your dog’s teeth regularly, they will get ruined owing to bacterial infections, plaque, decay, and many other diseases like tartar and gingivitis can build up. As dogs get older they get prone to many diseases and dental diseases are one of them. You, as a dog owner can avoid this by brushing your dog’s teeth regularly and on a daily basis, at times twice a day. And if you don’t look after your dog’s oral hygiene, you then have to bare expensive visits to the vet.

To make sure your dog feels the most comfortable while you brush its teeth and the toothpaste does its job best, you need to get a good toothbrush. The market is filled with all sorts of dog toothbrushes that you can get for your dog. Today, we will make the job easy for you guys as we have picked out the best toothbrushes available in the market for you guys to purchase. You now just have to go through this list and pick the one most suitable for your best friend.

1. Boshel Dual-Headed Dog Toothbrush

Boshel Dual Headed Dog Tooth Brush

This Boshel Dual-Headed dog toothbrush does true justice to the term “effectiveness”. The toothbrush can be used on all sorts of dogs of all sizes. The big stem allows you to use it easily on your dog to reach the inner sides of the mouth to apply the toothpaste properly.

The toothpaste has two heads with one bigger side that contains strong bristles and then there is a short side on the other end for the up close treatment. It comes in a kit of 2 toothbrushes. If your dog develops a tooth infection or its gums are sore, the firm side of the brush may not make the dog feel too comfortable but that is when the soft, smaller side helps you out.

A toothbrush that helps itself, is definitely one to buy and it costs very little too.

2. BringerPet Dog Toothbrush Stick

BringerPet Dog Toothbrush Stick

Ever thought of a toothbrush that may also work like a toy? Well, now this is a reality thanks to this BringerPet dog toothbrush stick. There are many dogs who do not like the feeling of having a toothbrush in their mouth, they got annoyed and the annoyance may turn into an episode of aggression.

This product, which looks nothing like a toothbrush, solves the problem by becoming your dog’s chew toy that it puts in its mouth and it works like a toothbrush all while providing leisure. The toothbrush stick comes with a guide on how to apply the toothpaste on it. Once ready, you just put it in the dog’s mouth, it chews the toy away, and the toothpaste gets applied on all its teeth and around the gums.

The product looks premium and is priced premium as well owing to its multi-functionality. It is a great alternative to a traditional toothbrush but it doesn’t work as well because the toy may not be able to get the toothpaste everywhere on the teeth.

3. Woobamboo! Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush

Woobamboo! Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush

A great dog toothbrush is one that does its job effectively and doesn’t make the process uncomfortable for the person brushing the dog’s teeth. This eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush by Woobamboo does exactly that.

The bristles on the toothbrush are made out of nylon which means they are very soft and won’t provide any discomfort to your dog as you clean its teeth. For the comfort of the person holding the brush, there is a slight curve at the end of the handle of the toothbrush that provides a strong and comfortable grip.

The packing of the toothbrush is completely recyclable so this one is for those sensitive about the whole “eco-friendly” topic. And another feature that it contains is that it converts into a toy as well. Once the bristles wear off, just remove them, and the remaining bamboo stick becomes a toy for your dog to play with.

At its price point, this toothbrush certainly adds the most value to the process of brushing your dog’s teeth.

4. FOMATE Double-Sided Soft Silicone Dog Toothbrush

FOMATE Double-Sided Soft Silicone Dog Toothbrush

With a tip made out of silicone, this toothbrush is the softest your dog will ever use. It also works as a massager for the dog’s gums, and who doesn’t like a good massage? The toothbrush has a long handle that allows the person using it on the dog to get in there and apply toothpaste everywhere on the teeth.

A great option for dogs who are sensitive to bristles or feel discomfort to the touch of them. There’s a slight curve on the handle that makes it very easy to hold for longer periods of time.

5.  TropiClean Triple Flex Toothbrush For Dogs

TropiClean Triple Flex Toothbrush For Dogs

This toothbrush by TropiClean has three heads instead of the one that comes in a traditional toothbrush. This allows a 360-degree cleaning as the toothpaste gets applied all around and is bound to get everywhere in the mouth. More bristles mean a quick cleansing time, which means your dog can spend more time playing and you the teeth-cleaning process will take very little time out of your routine.

For best results, use TropiClean’s own tooth gel. A very budget option that does its job rather quickly and effectively.

6. Arm & Hammer For Pets Dental Toothbrush

Arm & Hammer For Pets Dental Toothbrush

There are many small-sized dog breeds that can get tooth-related infections very quickly and they might end up losing their teeth owing to these issues as well. For these small dogs, you require small toothbrushes that don’t compromise on quality just because they are smaller in size. Arms & Hammer provides the best dental toothbrush for small dogs.

The handle as well as the tip is small so you can reach in easily and apply toothpaste on all the teeth easily and effectively. The bristles of this toothbrush are very soft which means the dog will feel no discomfort when the toothbrush goes in its mouth.

The bristles also contain a slight amount of baking soda infused in them to provide your dog with a fresh breath. Quite an affordable option to take care of your small dog’s oral hygiene.

I hope this post helped you understand the importance of toothbrushes for dogs and will make you purchase one instantly after this. Happy shopping for the best toothbrush for your dog’s best oral hygiene care.

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