8 Best Tents For Camping With Dogs

Best Tents For Camping With Dogs

Camping is a fantastic way to take your dog and yourself out of a boring routine and enjoy some nature. While that may sound like a treat to you, one must first ensure that the tent they bring includes all the dog’s necessities.

That is why we decided to gather some of the best tents we could find in one place for you to look at. They all have advantages and disadvantages, so we reviewed them for you. Simply scroll down to see for yourself. You will undoubtedly find one that is ideal for your requirements.

1. Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

Coleman Dome Tent With Screen Room

If you want to go camping in an area with a lot of rain, this could be the tent for you. It is a large tent that can easily accommodate up to six people. It does, however, come in two sizes, so you have another option that can comfortably seat up to eight people. Furthermore, it is said to be windproof.

However, according to the majority of the testimonials, it may not be able to withstand high winds, so keep that in mind. Your dog will also enjoy the screen room because it allows him to see outside while staying dry inside. It’s also surprisingly durable, so you won’t have to worry about your dog getting into a chaotic mood and ripping it, which is always a plus.

2. Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman Sundome Tent

We have a great recommendation for you if you’re looking for a low-cost option. This is especially useful for people who like to go camping with their dog but don’t require a lot of space. It was simple for us to set up, and it took us less than 10 minutes.

It also has a sort of awning, which ensures that there are no leaks and that you do not get wet at night. It comes in a variety of sizes, with the largest accommodating up to six people. But, in my opinion, the two-person tent is ideal for any lone camper with a fluffy companion. The only thing that disappointed us was that, despite the fact that it claims to withstand winds of up to 35 mph, it simply could not handle them.

3. Core Instant Cabin Tent

Core Instant Cabin Tent

If you don’t mind spending a little more to get a large tent for your friends, this is an excellent option. Not only will your dog love the detachable awning that allows you to see the sky through the mesh underneath, but it also has a plethora of side windows. It also comes with the poles already attached, so setting up this 9-person tent won’t take long.

While it is pricey, it is well worth it for summer and spring camping trips. Not only that, but it has a few separators built in, allowing you to have some privacy. And the mesh windows ensure that you get enough air circulation so that it doesn’t get too hot at night in the summer. This, however, implies that it is not a good choice for the winter.

4. Wenzel Klondike Water Resistant Tent

Wenzel Klondike Water Resistant Tent

If none of the other tents are working for you and you want a tent with a lot of headspace, this could be the tent for you. It is a tall tent that can comfortably fit up to 8 people. It is, of course, waterproof and double-stitched to prevent leaks. Unfortunately, this also means that it is somewhat pricey, but it is well worth the investment.

The mesh windows will ensure that you get enough air circulation and can also be zipped up when it rains. However, during our testing, we discovered that the stakes were not as durable as they could be, and it was difficult for us to properly stick them in the ground to secure the entire tent.

5. Campros Windproof Family Tent

Campros Windproof Family Tent

This is an 8-person tent, but it is especially enjoyable with just you and your dog. I know I prefer a large tent when camping alone. And what dog wouldn’t want a lot of free space all to themselves? And, while it is simple to set up, four hands are required, and no, your dog does not count.

It is waterproof due to its hydrostatic coating, but it will not withstand heavy rain or winds, so keep that in mind. Because there is a lot of ventilation, this isn’t a good option for a winter camping trip. Overall, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-assemble tent that does the job.

6. Coleman Elite WeatherMaster Screened Tent

Coleman Elite Weather Master Screened Tent

The LED light at the top distinguishes this tent from the others on this list, providing not only a little light at night but also ensuring you don’t get lost while wandering around from your campsite. While it is water-proof, it did get wet during our testing, so you may need to water-proof it yourself.

Its high price tag is also one of the reasons it is not higher on the list. And, while it appears to be durable enough, it does tear easily, so you might not want to bring an untrained dog if you have this tent. It can easily accommodate up to 6 people, making it quite spacious in our opinion.

7. Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent with Screen Room

Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch-Dome Tent with Screen Room

This is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a tent that is not as boxy or triangular as the majority of tents on the market. It was very simple to set up and only took us ten minutes. While waterproof, the mesh windows at the back are not zippable, making it unsuitable for a winter camping trip.

Even if you use the rain awning, it will not withstand strong winds and rain. However, it is still an excellent 6-person tent. However, we were underwhelmed by the durability of the poles, which felt as if they could easily break in a strong gust of wind.

8. Kazoo Easy Setup Tent With Porch

Kazoo Easy Setup Tent With Porch

There are many things to like about this camping tent, but one that stands out is the reflective wires that keep the tent in place. Who hasn’t tripped over their own tent wires, after all? That will be a thing of the past with this! It also comes in quite bright colors, which is always a good choice when it comes to camping because it can be seen from a long distance.

It is, of course, water-resistant, and it held up well in our testing. And, despite the fact that it claims to be wind-proof, it didn’t fare well in high winds. When it comes to this tent, you have two options: a two-person tent or a four-person tent. Whichever option you select, your camping trip will be a breeze.

Few things to consider while Camping with your Dog

  • Waterproof: Even if the tent claims to be waterproof, it is always a good idea to do it yourself.
  • Screen Rooms: If you enjoy cuddling with your dog, this isn’t necessary, but having a large tent with a mesh separator will allow your dog to have his own space and still be able to see you and not be anxious.
  • Tent Size: Even if a tent claims to hold up to 9 people, the size and height of those people must be considered. So going up a size is always a good idea so you don’t feel crammed in.
  • First-Aid: A dog can become quite hyperactive while camping and end up eating things they shouldn’t, so bring a first-aid kit specifically for dogs with you.
  • GPS Collar: Even if your dog is well-trained, this is a must. After all, it is preferable to be safe than sorry later.

All of this may make camping with your dog appear frightening, but it is actually quite enjoyable once you get the hang of it. So remember to have fun while remaining safe!

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