11 Pictures of Corgis That Prove They Are More Pawsome Than Anyone Else

Attention Corgi fanatics

Now that I have your attention. If you – like myself – believe that Corgis are the cutest of all doggos, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t you just become completely immersed in their sweet, happy little eyes? Or is that just me? I mean, Corgis have to be pretty damn cool to be the chosen breed of the heckin’ QUEEN! They’re cute AF. If you aren’t convinced then just see for yourself.

#1. I’m ready for my close up


This gal has the look-back pose. Would 10/10 walk along the beach with this doggo.

#2. Shark attack!


He slicc, he thicc, but most of all, he doesn’t give a shit.

#3. Who said comfort couldn’t be stylish?


I hate pom-poms. Well, until now. Maybe this pooch has changed my mind because of how hard he is rockin’ it.

#4. Smiling eyes


Have you ever heard the expression “Smile with your eyes”? Well, this pupper has it down pat. Melting me.

#5. Ready for the celebrations!


Celebrating the year of the Dog! Have you ever seen anything cuter in your life?! C’mon, surely your arm is twisted towards the Corgi love after seeing these two cuties.

#6. Serene


I would personally love nothing more than to wind down after a hard day at work with this little dude. Trekking through the woods with a handsome man by my side… Ahh…

#7. Cuteness overload


Want to know something that makes this little pupper even cuter?! His name is TOFU!

#8. Goofball


He looks so ridiculously happy! And his little bowtie! Ugh, my heart.

#9. Happy borkday!


I hope your birthday is filled with bones and belly rubs little one!

#10. We’ve got heart eyes for you


He looks just like a heart-eyes emoji. Imagine if the emojis were replaced with corgi faces instead? All of them. I’d be on board.

#11. Flower child


Have you ever seen a more pure face?

If you’re not a full-blown Corgi lover after seeing these pictures then… Well, you are. Welcome to the bright side.

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