Little Doggo Almost Dies From Hair Dye

  • By Eva Yong
  • January 30, 2018
  • 4 minutes read

Ahh, makeovers. They are the one thing that can make someone look from zero to hero, or make them stand out from the crowd with their different looks.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case here.

In an attempt to make her doggo look different, the owner of a sweet and tiny Maltese decided to color her doggo’s fur white because the little dog’s mix white fur wasn’t enough for the owner’s liking.

The little doggo nearly lost her life no thanks to the owner’s vanity.

Source: The Dodo Bird

Pinellas County Animal Services

Rescuers from Florida’s Pinellas County Animal Services shared the tear-jerking story about the little doggo name Violet and how the makeover almost took her life.

Violet first entered the shelter care as an injured stray who was dyed the color purple with a chemical that was intended for human usage and had several burns on her body. One of her eyes was swollen shut at that time as well.

In fact, it was unclear that Violet would even survive with her condition.

Pinellas County Animal Services

The shelter wrote the following on their Facebook page:

“We gave fluids, pain meds and we gently washed as much of the chemical dye off as we could. We bandaged her up. Then we waited. Violet went home with our veterinarian and we waited.”

Pinellas County Animal Services

Thankfully, the little doggo made it through the night and was in a cheerful mood the next morning despite her body going through much suffering from the hair dye. Her rescuers were able to observe the full impact of the injuries caused by the hair dye after that.

The shelter reported the following:

We began the grueling process of shaving off Violet’s hair to really measure the damage – [and] to our horror her skin began to slough off. Good thing Violet was peacefully anesthetized. It was so much worse than we initially thought – how would this little dog make it through?!”

But the little doggo was a fighter alright.

Pinellas County Animal Services

Over the next three months of extensive treatment, Violet healed slowly – revealing more and more of her sweet character with each passing day.

Pinellas County Animal Services

“She began to walk the halls, visiting each office requesting treats or hugs or gentle ats, always in the lead with our veterinarian in tow,” the shelter wrote. “It was clear – Violet was on the mend, and she wanted everyone to know it.”

Pinellas County Animal Services

Throughout the little doggo’s recovery, it was unknown on how she would look like later on.

The day came soon enough.

Violet’s fur was still stained with remnants of the dye, and her skin was still scarred in the places where she had suffered the burns. But after a long and painful ordeal, the little doggo was ready to move on to the next chapter of her life as a lovable pet.

Violet was adopted into a loving family.

Pinellas County Animal Services

What started off as a near tragedy for the little doggo has ended in a happy way.

The rescuers who made it all possible hopes that others would learn from Violet’s story.

The shelter wrote the following on their Facebook post:

“Do not, under any circumstances, use hair color intended for humans on your pets. Chemicals in hair dye are toxic, causing a wide array of external injury to your pet — possible burns, blindness and, because an animal’s first instinct is to lick, it can cause poisoning or internal burns. Just don’t.”

Not everything meant for humans can be used for dogs, despite them being humans’ best friends.

Only go for makeovers that are safe for doggos to protect them and also beautify them in the most humane way possible.

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