Doggo Ate A Pot Brownie, Now He Is Blazed AF And Made The Most Hilarious Face Ever


Never feed your dog a pot brownie.

Now that we have that out of the way let’s get on with the good stuff. You see, it all started when a Chihuahua ‘accidentally’ ate a pot brownie. And that is precisely why we have the following hilarious picture of a stoner dog. (Not that we recommend ever feeding your dogs this kind of thing.)

You have to admit though that it is quite adorable and hilarious.

Via JustHavinAGoodTime

“My friend’s dog ate a pot brownie yesterday.” Reddit user JustHavinAGoodTime wrote.

She is not even able to stand up.

Via JustHavinAGoodTime

However, as many Reddit users commented, the stance of the paws is “actually an indication of a neurological disconnect in its brain. Marijuana toxicity is a real thing in dogs and not worth losing your best friend over.”

Luckily though, the dog is alive and well, As the action was taken quite soon after the whole ordeal. We hope the little chihuahua’s owner will be keeping a keen eye on their dog, so she doesn’t go for another hit. No matter how much she wants the edibles.

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