Doggo Was Rescued By Filmmaker Who Treated His Horrible Mange

  • By Eva Yong
  • January 21, 2018
  • 3 minutes read

Tim Gorski, a filmmaker-cum-animal activist, was hiking through Bhutan towards the renowned Taktsang Palphug Monastery (also known as The Tiger’s Nest) when he saw something that made him stop.

Tim Gorski / The Maya Foundation

Found with half of his hair missing due to horrible mange, an illness caused by parasitic mites, the poor dog was left to defend himself on the hills. But, with the aid of Mr. Gorski and a local rescue association, they were able to rescue the doggo from incoming death.

The Maya Foundation

The dog was transported to the Maya’s Foundation Banyard Bhutan Animal Rescue & Sanctuary (TMF) with the help of a local tour organization. Upon arrival, he got “the Barnyard Spa” treatment, which consisted of a haircut, bath, and pedicure.

The Maya Foundation

Most of the dog’s fur was shaved off to treat mange, and a small red shirt was given to him for comforting and warming purposes. By covering a dog’s chest, the dog is able to feel calmer in strange situations.

Within less than a fortnight of caretaking of TMF, the dog, named after his rescuer, was already looking great and was on its way to recovery as its skin looked smoother and healthier.

Glenis Gillespie / The Maya Foundation

With his new life, Mr. Gorski was amazed by how Tim looked under the care and love of TMF. Mr. Gorski posted a picture collage comparing the state of when the dog first entered TMF and after being cared for by the foundation with an awe-inspiring message:

Tim Gorski / The Maya Foundation

“This is how the world works, folks, through random acts of love and kindness rather than detachment and indignation. I urge everyone not simply to walk by when you see an animal suffering. Take the time. Connect with the animal. Make the call if need be. But do something. Don’t just walk by feeling sorry or helpless because you are not. But the animals often are. Thanks to everyone involved in this boy’s rescue.”

Due to Mr. Gorski’s eagerness in helping animals, Tim is now a cheerful and furry dog once again.

Tim is currently living in The Maya’s Foundation Barnyard Animal Rescue & Sanctuary in Bhutan.

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