See These 10+ Doggos Doin’ A Sploot And Showcasing Their Majestic Art Gracefully

Are you familiar with Dog Sploots?

Dog Sploot is basically a particular type of stretch. In this magical stretch, the doggies lay flat on their tummy, stick their butts out and position their hind legs like that of a frog’s. This is indeed a charming and mesmerizing view. However, there is a very popular false belief that only corgis can sploot. But, that’s not true. Many dog breeds and even CATS can sploot.

Don’t believe us? Then perhaps you should see it yourself!

People believe only Corgis are capable of doing Sploots because of their tiny legs. Like this for example.

But that’s not true, because many other dog breeds can do it as well.


For instance, Schnauzer can do it.


Weimaraner can do it.

This Dalmatian can do it!


Even the German Shorthaired Pointer can do it!


And Sploots are not only restricted to breeds. Dogs of all shapes and sizes can do it.


For example, see this little one here.


Or take a look at this big Doggo.


A Sploot can happen anywhere at any time.


Like on the kitchen floor.

Or on the sunny patio.

So tired but also I want to play still, I’ll just plop here for a sec

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And obviously on a couch full of fluffy cushions!

Or simply just on the carpet.

And let’s not ignore the fact that pups look even better doing it with clothes on.


Like in a football jersey.

Or this stylish Jacket sploot with crossed legs.


So keep this in mind that even though corgis can sploot naturally

There are many other Dog breeds that can do it even better!

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