Photographer’s Tribute to Her Ailing Doggo Will Take You To A Feels Trip And Break Your Heart

As if the decline of your pupper’s health isn’t heart-wrenching enough

When wedding photographer, Maria Sharp, realized that the health of her 16-year-old pupper, Chubby, had started to decline rapidly, she decided to record the time they had left together.

After the discovery of Chubbys health issues, Maria went on a nostalgic mission to dig up every childhood photo she could find of her and her beloved companion. Pictured below.

You can see how strong Maria and Chubbys bond was, even from such a young age. Their companionship only grew stronger as the years went by.

After Maria went through her old photos, she recruited Suzanne Price to document her beautiful relationship with Chubby as an adult. The photos are so happy and so, so sad. Said Price of Sharp and Chubby: “My goal during the session was to tell their story as honestly and unobtrusively as possible. Chubby couldn’t walk very well, so Maria carried him around for much of our time together. It was clear, however, that she relied on Chubby as much as Chubby was relying on her. The intimacy was breathtaking and beautiful.” See Price‘s photos below


Sadly, Chubby passed away shortly after these photos were taken. Rest in Peace, Chubby. You’re in all of our hearts.