8 Retail Stores That Allow Doggos

Shopping is hard

(at least for me) so I know that if I got the opportunity to bring my pooch along on a shopping expedition I’d jump at the first chance! Imagine strolling leisurely through the shopping centre, best friend by your side; that’s a shopping spree I could get excited about – although I’m positive that my pupper would be even more excited about this whole idea.

If you know that your doggo would love to join you on an outing, check out this list of 8 major stores that welcome our furry companions.

#1. Home Depot

This hardware store is well known for their acceptance of doggos, the only thing they ask you to do is put your doggo on a leash. Although it is best to call your local HD to avoid disappointment as there have been reports that certain managers turn away their four-legged customers.


#2. Lowe’s

Much like HD, Lowe’s is happy to support all customers, long bois and woofers alike but it is always in your best interest to call, just in case.


#3. Petco

Petco is always happy to welcome any leashed pets! A world where your pupperino gets to choose his own treats?! Heck! You’ll have one shook little floofer.


#4. Petsmart

Yay! Another totally pet-friendly store, assuming they’re well behaved good boys (but of course you are, aren’t you, who’s a good boy!). It’s advised to call prior if you have a bully breed, as some managers do not accept our misunderstood bully boys.


#5. Pottery Barn

Depending on location, your Pottery Barn may be likely to welcome your four-legged friend! Although I don’t think I could personally afford a trip to PB with my pupper, too many breakables!


#6. Macy’s

According to Rover and I Heart Dogs Macy’s has a long history of supporting shopping dogs, along with SPCA collabs. Unfortunately, many Macy’s stores are located within a shopping complex that may not allow dogs, so check up on your local Macy’s location before heading down with your pooch!



#7. Barnes & Noble

Again, it is always in your and your doggos best interest to call your local store before going on a shopping adventure.


#8. LUSH Cosmetics

You can not only shop peacefully but shop with the peace of mind that LUSH loves animals as much as you do. LUSH welcomes puppers and has a vegetarian, ethical, zero animal testing policy. No bamboozle!


There’s our top 8!

How has your experience been doggo shopping? Do you know of any other stores that allow doggos? Let us know!

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