This Service Dog Received An Amazing Reward For All His Hard Work And His Excitement Is Adorabl

Atlas is the goodest good boy ever.

Since Julian Gavino and his gorgeous service dog, Atlas, have met, life couldn’t be better. Gavino, who uses a wheelchair, has come to rely heavily on Atlas’ training as a service dog to make everyday tasks just that little bit more manageable.

Not only is Atlas a great help to Gavino, he is also a loving companion!


Aside from Gavino, Atlas’ biggest love is his Pluto plush toy that he snuggles every night.

“It’s his favorite toy,” Gavino told The Dodo.


Recently, Gavino had the idea to reward Atlas’ 11/10 service with a massive surprise. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Atlas to meet the living version of his stuffed toy. So they headed off to Pluto’s home at Disney Land, Florida.

Atlas’ reaction goes from confused to excited in an instant.



Not only was it an amazing moment for Atlas, but a special moment for Gavino too. To be able to give such happiness to a dog that brings so much to his life.

“I love to see Atlas have fun,” Gavino said. “He deserves it after working so hard. Some days he works really long hours so he needs that type of downtime. It’s so important.”


Atlas gives Gavino the biggest gift he could ask for every single day, so he was happy to be able to give Atlas this little treat in return for all his favors.

“He’s given me back my independence,” Gavino said. “He gets my clothes in the morning, helps me get dressed/undressed, opens/closes drawers, opens/closes doors, pulls my wheelchair, wakes me up if I pass out, and retrieves items for me.”


“He’s amazing,” Gavino said. “He’s also a forever companion! So I’m never alone through anything.”

Atlas is priceless.

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