10+ Tweets That Prove Dogs Are Both Intelligent And Dumb At The Same Time

  • By Eva Yong
  • January 24, 2018
  • 3 minutes read

Yes, yes, our dogs are smart.

But did you know that they’re dumb too? But not in a mean way.

In a really, really adorable way that makes you smile in exasperation.

Scroll on down to check out the hilarious antics dog parents have to go through when handling the mess their doggos made due to their curious nature!

Source: Buzzfeed

#1 Let’s see what the Magic Pie Bush has in store for us today!

Chris Bramwell


Chris Bramwell

#2 I gotcha-Ooh now I’ve really got ya. Feel that, snowflakes!


#3 Bad boys like you needs someone like me to supervise on


# 4 Don’t worry, I’m coming to getcha!

#5 Look ma, I found a new way to move around!

#6 Dear heavenly gods, when will you be dropping more food for me?


#7 Cars are definitely not safe now, especially when they have food in them


#8 Move, hooman! You’re on MY seat!


#9 Must. Look. Through. The. Trees!


#10 Here hooman, have my toy. It’ll cheer you up!


#11 Always check the bush!


#12 There is no such thing as no other option.


#13 Sneaky comes as sneaky goes…

#14 Call me.. Mop


#15 What if..


#16 Maybe. Just maybe, I’ll be lucky this time!

#17 How hoomans can get sick or scared of this I’ll never understand… It’s so much fun!


#18 Look ma, guess who made it into the TV tonight?!

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