Best Dog Foods For Chihuahuas 2023


Chihuahuas are toy breeds, which means they are much smaller in comparison to other dogs. And, contrary to popular belief, size does matter when it comes to food. Because they can’t easily eat larger kibble, it’s always better to buy food in a smaller size. Not only that, but one must also ensure that their animal companions receive adequate nutrition.

That is precisely why we are here. So you didn’t have to, we put some of the best dog foods on the market through rigorous testing. That is why we compiled a list of foods that are best suited for a chihuahua. Whether you are looking for dry food, wet food or dog treats, we’ve got you covered. See for yourself by scrolling down.

Dry Dog Food

Wet food is generally thought to be more nutritious than dry food. However, not all of us can afford to pay exorbitant amounts of money to feed our dogs. This is not to say that we can’t find reasonably priced food that’s also high in protein and vitamins.

While the market is saturated with various types of kibble, we tried to find ones that were not only the right size but also did not contain low-quality protein.

#1 Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Chicken & Rice Formula


This is currently the best option on the market for those looking for something affordable. The best part is that the kibble size is small enough that our toy breeds could easily consume it. While not all of our dogs enjoyed the taste, our chihuahua was particularly fond of the chicken and rice formula. We could also be confident because the food is high in protein and the first ingredient is also chicken.

While it contains some low-quality ingredients, such as chicken gluten meal, the price makes it an excellent choice. It also comes in a variety of flavours, so you can always find something that your dog enjoys. We particularly liked the fact that the formula contains probiotics, which are always beneficial to a dog’s digestive health.

#2 CANIDAE PURE Petite Adult Small Breed Dog Food


Anyone looking for kibble with the fewest ingredients possible has come to the right place. It is a great option for those looking for something premium, as it contains only six high-quality ingredients. While the price is certainly commensurate with the quality of this dog food, we believe it is well worth it.

In our experience, our chihuahua doesn’t eat a lot of food, so we were able to make this food last a long time. The tiny kibble size indicates that this formula was designed specifically for smaller breeds. While not every dog will enjoy the taste, the fact that every kibble is coated with freeze-dried raw made our dogs completely smitten.

#3 Solid Gold Mighty Mini Gut Health


If your canine companion has digestive issues, this is the dog food for him. This formula contains a high concentration of probiotics, which will keep your dog’s stomach healthy and happy. During our testing, our chihuahua had no difficulty eating the food and kept asking for seconds, which is always a good sign.

This is a great option if your dog likes chicken. Not only that, but it also contains a lot of antioxidants from additional vegetables like pumpkins and cranberries. The only reason it isn’t higher on the list is that this particular formula contains a lot of peas.

#4 Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula


This formula is designed for small breeds and works well for senior dogs. The small kibble size ensured that our chihuahua could fully enjoy it, and the high-quality ingredients ensured that he received adequate nutrition. While it does contain grains, the amounts are not so high that we are concerned.

We liked this formula because it is not only packed with antioxidants but also high in omega fatty acids, which are essential for any dog breed to thrive. It is a bit pricey and contains a lot of peas, so keep that in mind if you decide to buy this kibble.

Wet Dog Food

Wet food is typically more expensive than kibble, but it also contains higher levels of protein. Even if you feed your dog dry food, it is always a good idea to break the routine by occasionally giving them wet food.

They will not only enjoy it, but it will also provide them with extra vitamins and minerals that their diet may be lacking.

#5 Purina Bella Small Breed Dog Food Trays


Overall, this is a great option if you’re looking for a topper for your dog’s daily kibble, but it falls short when it comes to ingredients. The main protein is a by-product, which isn’t ideal, but the protein level is high enough to overlook this. It also comes in a variety of flavours, including a steak flavour that our chihuahua couldn’t get enough of.

What we liked best about this wet food was that it came in trays that were easy to open and left no mess. However, we were unable to reseal the tray, so once opened, you must either feed your dog the entire amount or place it in a different sealable container. The size of the chunks indicates that this formula was designed specifically for smaller breeds and our doggos were able to enjoy it without an issue.

#6 Purina IncrediBites Canned Dog Food


While this formula primarily contains chicken by-products, the shredded protein texture is particularly appealing to dogs. It also comes in three flavours, but two of them are primarily chicken-flavoured, which is not ideal for dogs who are allergic to chicken. In that case, you might want to go with the beef flavour.

We liked the variety pack because it ensured that there was always something new for our dog to eat, but our chihuahua didn’t care for the salmon flavour, so your results may vary. It’s also very gravy-rich, so you won’t have to worry about your dog feeling dehydrated. Overall, this is a great, affordable option for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on wet food.

#7 Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach Dog Food


This is the best option for you if you’re looking for something with a different texture. It comes in a variety of flavours, but they all have a stew texture. While we did notice that our dog was still hungry after eating the entire portion, it is still a great option for those dogs who have digestive issues.

It is high in vitamin E and omega fatty acids, which will keep your dog’s fur looking shiny and healthy. It contains no by-products and comes in a variety of flavours, including turkey for your picky chihuahua. This does mean that it is a little pricey, but it is well worth it in our opinion.

#8 Cesar Puppy Classic Loaf in Sauce


If you have a Chihuahua puppy and are looking for something special for him, this could be the food for him. Because the trays cannot be resealed, they are perfectly proportioned for a full meal for a puppy, so there will be no leftovers. Because it only contains chicken and beef, this formula is ideal for puppies who are allergic to grains.

That means it is more expensive than the other foods on the list, but your puppy will adore you for it. Our toy breed puppy did not enjoy the taste, but your experience may differ.

#9 Zuke’s Mini Naturals Training Dog Treats


We couldn’t finish this list without mentioning at least one treat option, and this particular formula is here for good reason. Most dog treats are quite large, making it difficult for toy breeds to enjoy them fully. So, if you’re teaching your toy breed some tricks, having a tasty treat on hand is always a good idea.

Because it’s a treat, it doesn’t have to be low in nutrition, and this formula contains no whey or soy, making it ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs. However, we noticed that it quickly became mouldy when left outside, so make sure to properly refrigerate it if you want it to last longer.

These are just a few of the smaller breed-specific dog foods and treats available on the market. While you are not required to pay extra for premium food, it is always a good idea to do so because toy breeds do not eat as much as larger breeds, so your kibble will last you a long time.

While we did some research on the foods, it is always a coin toss whether your dog will enjoy the foods on this list. Check the back of the food to ensure that the mentioned grains aren’t too high on the list. While by-products are acceptable, whole meat is always the better option. It’s all trial and error at the end of the day.

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