6 Best Dog Food For Diabetic Dogs in 2023


Diabetes is a disease that, if left untreated, can cause serious problems in both humans and dogs. However, if you feed your dog healthy food and take them to the vet, it should not be a major problem. The most crucial aspect of caring for a diabetic dog is to concentrate on their food. Most, if not all, veterinarians will recommend a low-carb, high-fibre diet.

This is because high fibre helps prevent your dog’s glucose levels from rising as the food digests. And anything under 25% carbohydrate level is considered okay for diabetic dogs to take. For a solution to this problem, we Tried some of the most popular options that contain low amount of carbohydrates and have picked what we think are the best Options for your Diabetic Dog.

1. Ketona Chicken Recipe Dog Food


If you’re looking for a non-prescription solution with a very low carb count, this could be the right fit for you. It comprises only 5% digestible carbohydrate content and 46% protein on a dry matter basis which is quite the feat from our perspective.

Also, the majority of the protein is derived from Non-GMO grown chickens rather than by-products, which is always a plus in our eyes. While our canines couldn’t get enough of this particular option, it is also fairly pricey. Based on the price, we also anticipated that it would contain probiotics but that is sadly not the case.

2. Hill’s Prescription Diet W/D

hills-benefit diet

If you have a diabetic dog that also suffers from weight concerns, which is fairly common among diabetic dogs, then this diet is a fantastic option. While a prescription is required, it will not only aid with digestion issues but will also ensure that your dog’s glucose levels remain normal.

However, it is rather pricey, and we assumed that it would include whole chicken, but the main protein is chicken meal, which we dislike. Vets recommend it for a reason, and it is not a bad choice. It does contain very high quantities of L-carnitine, which is an excellent approach to ensure that your dog has a high metabolism and digests the meal as quickly as possible.

3. Orijen Grain-Free Dry Dog food


If your dog is not allergic to any protein, this multi-protein diet is a delicious solution for your diabetic canine. It has 20% carbohydrates and 38% protein, which is usually a good thing. It also has a variety of superfoods that are proven to help with overall health and is high in probiotics, so your dog won’t have any digestive difficulties.

Nevertheless, this also means that it is pretty pricey, and some of our doggos didn’t care for either the scent or flavour. Therefore keep that in mind if your dogs don’t like fish or turkey. But, it does not require a prescription, so you can always get it for your dog to try out.

4. Instinct Original Wet Dog Food


If you are seeking a wet food choice that is extremely low in carbohydrates, than this option might be a fantastic fit for your canine. It has only 6% carbohydrates and no by-products. If your dog is a huge fan of beef, they’ll love this alternative. It is also grain-free, so any dog with a sensitive stomach will be perfectly fine with it.

It contains a lot of fruits and vegetables rather than grains, so you don’t have to worry about your dog not getting enough vitamins and minerals. However, wet foods are always more expensive than kibble, and this is true here as well. We would also not recommend this wet food for overweight dogs because it contains more fat than is essential.

5. Wellness CORE Weight Management Formula


If you want a grain-free choice with a high protein content and don’t mind spending a little money, this is a wonderful option. While it is incredibly pricey, even when compared to other premium wet feeds, we believe it is worthwhile. It has only 8% carbs but a 50% protein content, which is excellent.

This is also low in fat, making it an ideal choice for overweight dogs. However, because this is a multi-protein canned food, if your dog is allergic to one or more proteins, you should be extra cautious when feeding them this canned food.

6. Taste of the Wild Canned Dog Food


This is an excellent option for picky eaters since the multi-protein mix ensures that your dog gets all they need in their regular diet. You don’t have to worry about digestive difficulties because it’s grain-free. This is also the most economical option in the wet meal category that meets our requirements.

While it is not as low in carbohydrates as many other foods, it has 20% carbohydrates and is high in protein. It contains 50% protein on a dry matter basis, and our pups couldn’t get enough of it. However, we discovered that it caused some stomach troubles in some of our dogs, so use caution when changing your dog’s food.

All of the foods described here are only suggestions; we recommend consulting with your veterinarian to determine what is best for your dog. After all, what works for one canine may not work for your dog’s glucose level.

Still, we hope that this list was helpful if you are looking for some tasty foods that also meet your requirements. Please tell us in the comments below if you’ve tried any of these brands and what you thought of them.

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