During Flooding Couple Refuses to Let Go of Their Dogs & Prove The Real Meaning of Love

A truly unbreakable bond between man and his best friend

I don’t know about you, but this has got to be my absolute worst nightmare. Being stuck in the middle of a natural disaster and possibly having to make an incredibly tough decision. What if you couldn’t get your pets out in time and you had to leave them behind? The thought itself is haunting. Especially for one couple from Japan who found themselves in this horrifying situation, but despite the immediate threat to their lives, they refused to leave their beloved pet dogs behind.

The city and people of Joso, North of Tokyo, were struck with a series of a torrential downpour that resulted in a severe overflow of the Kinugawa River and horrific flash flooding. The storming was so rough that it wiped out entire neighborhoods in only minutes.

On September 10, 2015, Joso was devastated by this terrifying flooding. An estimated 90,000 people were evacuated from their workplaces and homes because of the threat to their lives. It all happened so quickly that out of desperation, many people took to the roofs of their homes, praying for rescue to come.


Emergency rescue personnel flew low over the city, looking out for any stranded residents on their rooftops to take back to safety. At one home, they reported that they were amazed to find a couple holding their Shiba Inus very closely. The man held on to the oldest of the two dogs, while the woman refused to let go of her puppy. No matter what danger these two people were facing, they had not a single intention of leaving without their dogs. A couple as loyal to their dogs, as their dogs are to them.


To the selfless couple, there was no other option but to rescue their dogs. As it was, the flooding was so severe that almost every home of Joso was completely destroyed. There was no chance that the dogs would have survived a storm of such proportions.


This really is a true example of the love between a man, woman, and a best friend. Willing to sacrifice their lives in order to save those of their dear Shibas.

Check out the amazing rescue video below and let it warm your innards for weeks to come.

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