The Things This Mom Finds Out About Her Home Alone Dogs Will Forever Change What You Imagine About Yours

  • By Silas
  • December 28, 2017
  • 2 minutes read

Have you ever wondered what your dogs do when they are alone at home?

That’s a normal thing to wonder about. You could imagine your dog loitering around, scavenging for food, tearing up pillows, and doing similar dog things. This mom wondered about this too. So she installed hidden cameras to figure this out once and for all. And now she wishes she had not.

Jonny Calderon shared the texts his mom sent him on Twitter. Everything she believed in was destroyed after what she had just discovered. Calderon’s mom had installed security cameras in the house. She thought she would have a look at the footage to see what her dogs did when she was away.

Here are some photos of what she found out.


It started on the couch…


Then they moved to the floor… But don’t zoom in!


No one would expect their dogs to enjoy their time in this way when they’re alone. However, the bulldog looks so happy!

Seriously, though, you should get your pets neutered and spayed. This will protect their well-being, their health, and reduce the number of homeless puppies. And also keep your furniture and floor from being used for a dog porno scene!

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