Humans Tried To Do Christmas Card Photoshoot With This Husky Who’s Not In A Festive Mood & It’s Hilarious

No pet likes to pose.

Unless they are show pets and love the attention. However, usually it seems like they would act all cute and silly but when you pull out a camera everything resembling an emotion is gone. That is certainly not the case with this husky because he can show one single emotion very well.

Which emotion, you ask? Anger or maybe grumpiness. I honestly can’t decide. One thing is for sure; he looks pretty pissed for being put in those festive Christmas clothes. While I can understand someone not feeling in the festive mood, his expression is apparently always like this.

Anuko’s owner is Jasmine, who found him when he was just five weeks old. She was coping with mental health issues at the time and decided that it was a good idea to get a pet. And it is clear that they bonded pretty much instantly.

“I got him for emotional support.”


“He gives me a meaning to life.”

“And encourages me to get out of bed in the morning.”

“When I got him I had no guidance in my life.”

“But now I’ve pulled myself together.”

“And I’m applying for veterinary school this year.”

“He likes Christmas in terms of the cold.”

“Not when it comes to decorations he can’t touch, food he can’t eat.”

“And me putting him in clothes.”

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