This New Law Will Makes Sure People Protect Their Animals In The Best Way Possible

People often buy dogs for their “craze,” without realizing the responsibility of keeping them.

Just like any human, they also need affection and care to live a healthy life. For some reason, people don’t take the best care of their dogs after a few months of getting them, which they should. Some of them abuse, abandon or leave them unwanted in vehicles. But we are so glad to now have a law which will finally protect animals from any sort of brutality.

As winter is coming, people forget the unbearable cold isn’t just for humans. Dogs feel cold too. Of course, they do need to go out to refresh themselves, but we should always take consideration of the temperature outside.

A lot of people have this wide assumption that they will be fine, so they are kept out for hours, but the reality is that they also need as much care as any other family member. But finally, all thanks to this new law people will now be charged with legal penalties for their irresponsible actions towards dogs.

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This law will initiate from Pennsylvania named as “Libre’s law,” which states that severe penalties would be charged on those owners who leave their pets out carelessly in cold weather for more than 30 minutes. The temperature parameters are below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or above 90 degrees.

The degrees of charges also vary. Any offense within the scope of the summary court is fined for $50-$750 along with 90 days jail. While abusive owners will be charged for $15000 with seven years in jail if it is a third-degree felony.

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Local shelters have advice for all the dog owners in this regard:

“Your doghouse that you have should keep them dry. If it rains and that freezes, that’s awful. Please make sure that they can get out of the elements and they can get into the dog house and not actually be rained on. Have it raised off the ground if you can.”

The name of the law is inspired by the story of a Boston Terrier called as Libre. He was left outside alone by his owner and got super sick later. He eventually recovered, but that will also now protect a lot of dogs from going being through the same phase.

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A further strict ordinance will also require pet owners to bring the dogs inside, and if it gets violated, an extra $500 would be charged. A different code will be given for different temperatures. Blue will be at 20 degrees F; Red will be for extreme heat and Grey for extreme precipitation.

We hope to see dogs safe and happy with the implementation of these new laws!

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