15+ Golden Retrievers That Are Too Pure And Wholesome For This Ruff World

Golden Retrievers are simply golden.

Goldens have to be one of the most common household dog breeds, and with good reason! Their golden floof, wet snoots and dreamy eyes. If there’s any breed of pupper that will break your heart while simultaneously mend it, it’d have to be a Golden Retriever. If you don’t believe me, just look.

#1. Gentle moments.

#2. Brave lil man.

#3. Noticing his own cuteness

#4. Duck slippers have never been worn this well

#5. Clever boy

#6. I NEED to be in this dance class

#7. Live your best life sweetie, that’s all I can say

#8. Lazy boi

#9. Rare Golden sea doggo

#10. Fam goals

#11. Yes, this dog is cooler than you.

#12. Maple is so serene

#13. Downward facing doggo

#14. Little pupper on important business

#15. Understandably suspicious of carrots

#16. What else could you possibly wish to see from your rear view mirror?

#17. Healthy pupper

#18. Everyone should have a drinking buddy this Summer

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