Woman Creates A Cozy Bedroom Under The Stairs For Her Beloved Dog And It’s Awesome


Who wouldn’t want to live in a cozy place?

I know many people love big mansions with ‘modern’ furniture but there is a kind of charm to living in a small but cozy place. Because at the end of the day, you automatically feel safer than lounging around in a place ultimately too big for you. I guess that is exactly the thought process of this doggo. You see she was so accustomed to living in a crate that she didn’t like big expanses.

So what did her owners do? They built her a beautiful ‘bedroom’ under the stairs that any dog would love to have. There has been quite a rise in people building their pet’s amazing rooms that put my house to shame. I honestly have no idea why Harry Potter hated living in his under-the-stairs bedroom because this dog is loving it.

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This is the lucky Coco, who gets to live in this brightly lit bedroom.


“Coco is 6 and she is a working cocker spaniel. She is loved and adored and completes our family.”

She used to live in a crate, which she loved but not anymore.

“The underside of our stairs has always been open and we loved the open plan feel.”

“However, recently we’ve been struggling for space, so we have decided to build under-stair storage as part of our hallway redesign.”

“Coco’s crate has always lived under the stairs but looked like an eyesore. Therefore, we decided to build her room as part of the under stair project that would look and feel so much nicer.”

“Getting her bed completed first was our priority and we can now continue to complete it around her, knowing she has her own settled space again.”

Natasha had much more to say about why Coco used to live in a crate.

Crating dogs is very controversial amongst people who don’t understand the benefits. Some people see it as cruel. Coco was born into a Welping pen and was crate trained from the day we brought her home. We put the scent of her mum on a teddy and she settled straight away, no first night crying.

From then on she slept in her crate with the door closed when we are out or at night. She likes it that way. During the day the door is always open and she has beds in other areas of the house, although since this new room has been built she prefers to go in there. We have tried to remove the crate before we built this room and she hated it. She cried, paced and was extremely anxious.

Natasha Hammond

Unsurprisingly, people loved the new bedroom for Coco.

bedroom room family

Different strokes for different dogs eh?

free-spirits hate-it in-a-flat

I think every pet needs something like this.

looking lovely-wee-dog neighbor

Well, We’d love to see that as well.

next-house oscar rottweiler

Wow, She has better living conditions than even me.


Do you have a separate bedroom for your pooch? Comment down below and let us know.

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