15 Dark Doggos That Will Melt Your Heart

We all know black cats have a hard time getting adopted in animal shelters. It’s 2017, and people still can’t get over superstitions.

Sadly, the problem lies for dogs too. These dogs, when people don’t adopt them, are euthanized. Out of the 3.3 million dogs, 20% are euthanized every year according to the ASPCA. This includes a large number of black dogs.

Photographer Shaina Fishman addressed this issue with her project. She highlighted the beauty of black dogs and wanted the world to see that they are worth adopting:

Source: Shaina Fishman / Via Instagram: @shainafishman

#1 Fifty Cent

#2 Kirby

#3 Beau

#4 Ulysses

#5 Charlie

#6 Ozzie

#7-11 Puppers

#12 Sammy

#13 Mia

#14 Sofi

#15 Zoey

And here are all the doggos with their parents.

Foster Dogs NYC collaborated on this project. For more of Shaina Fishman’s animal photography, visit shainafishman.com.

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