Dematting: Painlessly De-Mat Your Dog’s Coat

  • By nishwa
  • December 20, 2022
  • 3 minutes read
Dematting - Painlessly De-Mat Your Dog's Coat

Did you know that you can remove mats in other ways too rather than just shaving them off? If you don’t want any bald spots on your dog’s coat then we have the perfect solution for you. You can easily remove mats by following our step-by-step guide below, keep reading.

Mats can be painful for your dog as they are a bunch of knotted, loose, and attached fur that pulls your dog’s skin. Mats mostly form on long-haired dogs in areas where the coat is rubbed too often, like on the tummy, armpits, behind the ear, etc.

If the mat seems too large, tight, and painful, then we recommend that you should go to a professional groomer or vet, so they can remove it in a more painless way due to their experience. But If the mat is small, you can easily remove it by yourself, at home by following simple steps.

What do You Need to Demat your Dog?

To start de-mating, you need cornstarch, a dog comb with stainless steel teeth or a de-matting comb, and a dog brush. Only these 3 items are needed which may be already available in the house. For distraction and rewards, you can keep treats for your dog to tell them they’re a good boy/girl. Make sure that your dog is comfortable in the space where you are going to de-mat, and it should be an easy-to-clean space too.

1. Cover the mat with cornstarch

Once you’ve found that nasty mat, grab it with your fingers and put cornstarch on it. This makes the mat get loose and easy to de-tangle. You need to grab the hair from near your dog’s skin so that it’s pain-free. Rub in cornstarch into the mat and de-tangle some fur with your fingers, lightly.

2. Time to COMB!

Combing to demat your dog - dog grooming

While holding on to the mat with one hand, take a stainless steel teeth comb for dogs and start de-tangling the ends of the mat. Keep working your way up to the mat till it’s combing through the fur with no pulls. Comb very gently and slowly, if you rush the process then your dog will feel pain. You can put more cornstarch on the mat while you’re combing, so the teeth of the comb can smoothly slide through the fur.

3. Brush your dog

After removing the mat, take a good-quality dog brush and de-tangle your dog’s coat. Brushing daily can decrease mats from forming every now & then. Remember that even if you get your dog professionally groomed or take care of its coat perfectly, mats can still pop out. Remove the mat as soon as you spot it because if you delay, it can be very painful for your baby.

4. Give your dog TREATS!

We suggest you give your dog treats while you’re de-matting, so they can enjoy the process and stay distracted. Petting and giving appraisals also keep their mood lifted, and they won’t create a mess this way. Even if they (accidentally) do, just grab a towel and wipe them clean!

By following these easy steps you can de-mat your dog effortlessly with little to no pain at all. Remember to buy the right tools for it to make the process flawless. We would love to hear if you have any particular tips regarding how you de-mat your Doggo.

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