What This Doggo Found Out On Her Walk Shocked Her Owner And Twitter Had The Most Fun

  • By Silas
  • January 25, 2018
  • 3 minutes read

Dogs are experts at finding what they want. That can be cute and helpful most of the times. But there are these few instances when you wish your dog were not so good at retrieving lost things. Sophie McGratten recently had a first-hand experience of feeling that way.

Sophie, 21, is a resident of Glasgow. She had taken her dog Bella on one of their routine walks on January 18th. Bella loves to play with her toys, but that day she found a toy she should not have. Someone had apparently lost their pink, phallic-shaped adult plaything.

Sophie shared some pictures of the dildo on Twitter with the caption reading, “Honestly could not make it up my fkn dogs found a fkn dildo while we r out a walk n won’t leave it alone am gonny be sick.” There were several puke emojis included as well, rightfully.


With over 16k likes, this tweet has good reasons for going viral!

As always, the comments were pouring in from all directions, and they are as witty as hilarious.

@blueblaze126: “You need to ensure your Handbag has a working clasp, that would stop your personal items from falling out.”

@NicolaSturgoen: “Apologies about that. Can you DM me and I’ll arrange to pick it up. Thanks.”

@NicolaMoffat: “The rarely seen Dildo Retriever.”

@caitrobbb1: “That’s a fkin shame why is there a dildo even kicking about the street.”

Metro UK caught up with Sophie, and she told them how she felt.

“I was honestly mortified. These builders were there also so they were pure shouting over ‘aww hen think you’ve lost something’. It’s embarrassing the amount of people that think it’s mine. Bella was walking about with it and wouldn’t let it go. I didn’t want to properly touch it but luckily she let it go when I offered her a treat. She had a toothbrush in her mouth when we got home.”

That’s not all, folks!

There have been similar incidents playing out in other places with other people and their dogs too. Nick Harvey’s wife, who is from Sussex, was walking their dog, Ember, down the Ashdown Forest. This time it was a blue one in the bushes.


“I didn’t actually find it, my wife did on Saturday. She took the photo and being the Twitter addict I am I had to put it up,” said Nick to the Mirror UK. His wife had spotted the dildo once before, and Mr. Harvey asked her to take pictures of it if she came upon it again. Ember heard their plan, most probably, for she rummaged the bushes and found the toy.

Twitter user @SuspendedKlopp posed an interesting question, “In my day you only saw porno mag bushes. Is this an introduced species or is the dildo tree native to the UK?”

“No one has had the courage to dispose of it yet. Obviously things go on in the after hours in the woods that possibly shouldn’t,” added Nick.

The next time you are on a walk with your dog, stay alert. You might find something unexpectedly too. Or maybe these events make you expect more of your dog.


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