Experts Say Your Dog Can Smell ‘Bad People’ And Here’s How

Nothing can beat the relationship of a dog with its owner. They are always ready to protect and give their life away just on smelling anything slightly dangerous for their owners. We read numerous stories on the internet every other day about dogs being heroes. But the question remains;  can dogs really smell bad people? Or is it something else? The brief answer is yes, but not all the time.

Upon research, it has been noticed that dogs keep a very keen eye on people who are unkind to their owners in any way while interacting. They don’t even take favors from them later, just because they refused to help their owners. Dogs hold a grudge against them. This can be pretty much understood, but what about when they start barking furiously at the person they have just met?

A theory regarding this leads to an explanation that dogs sniff out the chemical changes in the pheromones of humans with their keen sense of smell. People emit these certain chemicals when they have evil intentions.

Dogs have such an extraordinary sense of smell that they can even detect drops in blood sugar level, potential bombs, drugs and even cancer, so spotting out bad people with the help of chemical changes in their bodies is no big deal for them.

During aggressive behavior, the chemical changes in the brain can also be smelled by dogs, that makes them react to it before a human could even perceive. But when it comes to psychopaths, they experience only a few changes which makes them more vulnerable in the sense of dogs.

While all this can be true, another possibility says that they are always so coordinated with their owners that they merely reflect back the individual’s tension about a circumstance.

But the last possibility of them all tells that since both humans and dogs have a strong sixth sense or gut feeling, humans tend to be lazy about it and ignore while dogs put their lives on their intentions.


To be on the safe side, it is always advisable to stay at a distance from a person your dog doesn’t like because after all, he loves and care for you.

Have you ever had the same experience with your dog? Let us know!

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