10+ Cute Woofers Who Can Only Lift One Ear But It’s Enough To Make Your Day

Each of us is born with quirks, which makes us pretty unique in our own ways.

However, some of us inherit little habits that make more than special in more ways than one.

This includes learning how to perk someone’s day up by putting our skills to good use, such as these little doggos, who can definitely cheer you up with their abilities to lift one ear up.

Why use both ears when you’re fine with one ear, eh?

1.) “I heard that!”



2.) “Say it one more time… but to my face this time!”

3.) “I Am concerned about dinner – is it ready yet?”

4.) “Mm-hmm… Go on, you have my full attention..”


5.) Did someone just say… Treats?

6.) Forever ready for any adventures, regardless of how many ears are up.

7.) “Did you just say.. fetch!?”


8.) “What do you mean we have to go now? I’m not done yet!”

9.) “Wait… Are we getting a new pal?”

10.) “Wait… Can you repeat your words again, please? I must have misheard you…”


11.) I think I heard someone saying “there’s some leftover chicken for the good boi!”

12.) That moment when you can’t take a short nap because it’s too bright

13.) Halt! Who goes there!?

14.) “This smells weird. I demand that these sheets be changed!”

15.) I demand attention. Now.

16.) Nothing beats having to spend time with you, hooman!

17.) “And what’re YOU staring at?”


18.) “What do you mean it’s time to wake up?”

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