11 Snapchats Of Doggos Being Heckin’ Hilarious

Snapchat just got better.

Snapchat is a huge picture-based social media platform that has only kept growing over the years. It is used to record and share with your friends your everyday activities, chores, outings or merely to give you a way to laugh through all the quirky filters and video edits. If you combine the portability and simplicity of this app with your furry canine companion, you’re bound to get some once-in-a-lifetime mixed with side-splitting-laughter shots! Here’s a short list of my top favourite doggo snapchat pictures.



Most people cover their mouths to prevent the old yawn train happening, but dogs can’t, so I guess that this is one way to stop yourself from catching the contagious yawn.

#2. But I’m your little baby


Studies have shown that dogs get jealous when you start spending time with someone else i.e. a new girlfriend or in this case, a new child. This snapshot backs that research up and perfectly depicts any typical pupper’s “but what about me?” attitude. So cute.

#3. Drugged up doggo


I don’t know about you, but nearly everyone I know who has gone under for an operation of any kind wakes up in a hilariously groggy state. Now imagine that – but with a dog?! Anaesthetic + Doggo = many laugh. Such funny. Wow.

#4. Polar pooch


So scientists have told us all that dogs and bears are distantly related, but this picture of a handsome doggo at bath time really makes me second guess their ‘distant’ relations with bears. 11/10 would bathe this doggo.

#5. Not so Hollywood


This reminds me of those Expectation vs. Reality comparisons. Pupper walking along, wind blowing in their fur, expecting the sun to beam in from just the right angle to make the perfect still shot. Instead he ended up looking like my Grandma’s fluffy throw cushion, while still managing to bring a smile to my face.

#6. Dog-tical illusion


At first glance it looks like the center doggo is wearing sunglasses, after further inspection, you’ll come to realize that this pooch is, in fact, wearing his friend’s ears as a little eye mask. Look at the love in their eyes as they help their pal take a nap. Too wholesome. We don’t deserve dogs!

#7. Cold awakening


Oh my god, look at how heckin’ excited this pupper is for his snowball! I wish there were a picture of his reaction when his ‘ball’ exploded into a mess of ice and cold.

#8. Relaxed or lazy?


We’ve all been caught in an unexpected sunshower before but really, pooch? Couldn’t you get up in the amount of time it took to soak the entire decking around you? This is either one super relaxed doggo, looking for a light shower, or a very lazy one.

#9. Spicy Shiba doing a sploot


Shibas are usually recognized by their happy demeanor, awkward expressions and of course, dancing. This Shiba, on the other hand, had me thinking I’d just stumbled upon some kind of underground dog modeling. Although when you think about it, haven’t I?

#10. It was the cat…


It’s been proven that dogs can’t feel guilt, only sadness that their owner is upset with them. You’re making him sad! STOP, YOU MONSTER! Blame the cat! Give that pupper a cuddle heck it! Who cares what he broke!

#11. Heck off you pleb


You notice that your dog is cold, so you drape a nice warm blanket over him to stop a chill from setting in, only to have him magically transform into the majestic Pupperino King of Hoomans and stare you down in such a way that reminds you that you are his human slave. As it should be.

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