23 Pug Memes That Will Have You Hollering With Laughter

Pugs are short, cute, and innocent.

They’re easily excited, endlessly loving, and really funny looking. With that said, if you haven’t noticed, pugs are also really memorable, and the internet had their way with them. We have here a list of the best pug memes from around the internet, and they’re classics. They’re going to make you want to go to the nearest dog pound and adopt the cutest pug you can find.

#1 Beware the army of cuteness.

#2 Infested with bed pugs.

#3 Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Meeeee.

#4 Sad because the cat said he’s cuter.

#5 Diet starts tomorrow, promise.

#6 Door bell vs Thunderstorm vs burgalar vs fridge door

#7 The view every time they eat.

#8 Exercise? I thought you said “extra fries.”

#9 You’re exaggerating, the farts aren’t that bad.

#10 He found Nemo.

#11 He heard the fridge door open.

#12 “Mom, he’s touching me.”

#13 Trapping his people.

#14 Move, Jenkins, the scenery is tiring.

#15 Look at his face.

#16 So many places to pee.

#17 Popcorn in the middle of the night.

#18 Never underestimate the power of the pug.

#19 They called him pugly.

#20 I swear I saw that rock move!

#21 Pugs will sleep anywhere.

#22 When the squad arrives.

#23 I’m ready sir, I hope there’s a Starbucks where they’re going.

What did you think? Is it worth getting a pug now? I sure would, with their big eyes and easily frightened faces. They’re so precious that you can’t help but love them. Pugs are the cutest, most innocent and easily scared animals in the world.

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