Raccoon Dogs Are A Real Animal And We Are Heccin’ Obsessed

Allow us to introduce you to the latest internet sensation, The Raccoon Dog.

People all over the internet have become obsessed and are totally loving this cute animal after a Twitter user Molly Priddy shared these pictures. But wait. Is it a Raccoon? Or is it a Dog? Well, none. It’s a Raccoon Dog, and they are also known as Tanukis.

(Correction: They are not dogs, Molly mistakenly wrote that in the tweet.)

Now many of you may be thinking that it’s a cross between a dog and a raccoon. It isn’t. You see, Tanukis, the breed from East Asia and Europe, are actually the last surviving species of its kind. They actually belong to the canid family which includes wolves, foxes and also dogs. But, they aren’t dogs so don’t mistake them for their adorable looks!

Scroll down and see.


This is the cute little creature.


And ever since the tweet went viral people have been going crazy. The hype is real, and you can probably see why.


However, experts say that unlike dogs Tanukis are wild animals and shouldn’t be kept at home as pets.


But even so, people still love and adore this animal a lot as there’s no reason for them not to.


Here is a short video clip that will explain more about Tanukis in detail.

Twitter loves Raccoon Dog and here’s the proof.


So what do you think about this adorable creature? If you ask me, it doesn’t even matter what actual category they fall in. They’re just too cute and cuddly, and I can pretty much play with them all day. What about you? Let us know in the comments below!

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