10+ Doggos Who Realized They Were Going To The Vet Instead Of The Park And Reacted Hilariously

  • By Eva Yong
  • February 2, 2018
  • 4 minutes read

Anyone who has to take their doggos to the vet is definitely familiar with the faces and antics the doggos will pull after they’ve realized that they’re being taken to the one place they want to visit the least – the vet.

And it’s definitely no ride in the park whenever they have to see the vet for their check-up sessions.

But, not all is bad. In fact, it can be pretty hilarious!

The pictures below show the relationship our doggos have with animal clinics.

Source: Bored Panda

#1 Hooman! How could you do this to me!?

The moment he realized we went to the vet instead of the dog park. from aww

#2 Wait… Where are we going again, exactly?

Which one has his first trip to the vet?

#3 “Hold me, I need emotional support!”

SCARED BOYE waiting to see the vet. from aww

#4 “If I can’t see you, it means you don’t exist.”

Jack’s Strategy at the Vet: If I Can’t See You You Can’t See Me from aww

#5 “Not this again…”

I may have caught the moment my dog realised we weren’t going to the park from funny

#6 “Wait. Who’s waiting for me at the end of the road again?”

taking a different route to the vet worked… until we turned the corner! from funny

#7 We are not on talking terms for now.

The exact moment he realized he was heading to the vet. from aww

#8 You turn this car around RIGHT now.

She knows she his headed to the vet from aww

#9 Are we ther- Oh nos.

And Then She Realized She Was At The Vet
Bored Panda

#10 I knew it. we WERE going to the vet!

Suspicious corgi is suspicious. from corgi

#11 “How could you do this to me, hooman?”

He figured out we were on our way to the vet and not the dog park. from aww

#12 “Don’t leave me, hooman..”

So my dog had to go to the vet today… from aww

#13 “Yup, I’m definitely safe here…”

Perfect hiding place from vet. She will never find me from aww

#14 “Why do we need to go to the vet, Mama? They do the most horrible things there…”

How do they ALWAYS know you’re taking them to the vet even if you don’t say anything? from funny

#15 Well. YOU don’t say.

My friend’s dog just found out he is heading to the vet… from funny

#16 “I must go, I have other important things to attend to!”

Saw this at the vet’s office a while back. from pics

#17 “These bars will not contain me, hooman. Watch me!”

Trying to escape before his vet appointment from aww

#18 Every time I announce we’re going to the vet instead of the park.

When I’ve told my dog, that we are going to visit vet from funny

#19 Wait… What are they going to do to me again?

Taking my dog to the vet to get neutered I think he knows from pics

#20 No, mama. The vet will do the most unimaginable things to me… You have no idea what it’s like to be in there.

My dog hiding from the vet. from funny

#21 Hey guys, the park’s just there! Wait, where are we going, exactly?

The moment he realized we went past the dog park and we’re on the way to the vet. from funny

#22 Hold my paw, I need to know that you’ll be there for me no matter what.

Someone gets a little nervous at the Vet. from aww

#23 “Maybe if I pull this face, I’ll be able to scare off the vet.”

She makes this face when we pull up to the vet, and not the park. from aww

#24 “You disgust me with your lies, hooman..”

That moment he realized we aren’t going to the park. from aww

#25 “No thanks, we’re totally fine. We don’t need those nasty things!”

The vet said "time for shots" from aww

#26 “I promise I’ll be a better doggo. Just don’t bring me to the vet!”

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#27 “No amount of treats will make up for this, hooman!”


#28 “Please… Have mercy on me!”

He Realised Where He Is
Bored Panda

#29 “There’s definitely a reason why my bed is coming along on this trip.”


#30 “Not here!”

Typical vet visit. He’s such a baby

#31 “You swear we’re only going to the dog park?”

“…you promised we weren’t going to the vet.”

#32 “Bring on all the vets, I’m ready!”

I told her to put her brave face on for the vet and this is what I get. from aww


#33 “Guys. What about the dog park? It’s right behind us!”

“omg we’re in the car”

“…wait i know what this is”

#34 “But… what about the park?”


When He Takes You To The Vet Instead Of The Park
Bored Panda

#35 “Nope, your head rubs aren’t going to make me feel any better, hooman.”

He knows he’s at the vet from funny

#36 “You can’t see me.”


#37 “Maybe if I just slip in more, I’ll disappear, and they’ll forget about me?”

#38 “Do you wanna go to the vet instead of the park?”

“How about NO?”

This is the look my dog gave me when I asked her if she wanted to go to the vet. I’m going to say the answer is a NO! from pics

#39 Nope, not here


He's Not Here
Bored Panda

#40 “Wait. THAT’S what they’re going to do to me later!?”

Dog in the waiting room at the vet from funny

#41 “Mama, I’m scared. Can we leave now, please?”

My dog is a little scared of the vet.

#42 “Please say we’re not going to the vet…”

I think my dog knows she’s going to the vet today from funny

#43 “Yess we’re going on an adventure! Wait, where to again?”

Reaction to hearing that we’re going to the vet

#44 I think I deserve a treat for going to the vet.

THE BEST DOG was at the vet this evening. from pics

#45 No points in guessing who’s the blur one here.

Guess which dog remembers what the "vet’s" is. from funny

#46 When they know it’s THE day.

#47 “It’s OK. If they can’t find me then maybe I can escape the visit to the vet..”

#48 “We both know where you’re taking me to. It’s definitely not the park!”

I know we’re not going to the dog park, mom… from aww

#49 “Park? Oh no, guess not today..”

#50 “Come, mama! Let’s escape while we still have time!”

My Bubbas Doesn't Like The Vet So He Jumped In My Lap

#51 “I know you’re lying… Tell me the truth!”

When he knows you lied about the dog park and go to the vet.

#52 “I’m going to be a good doggo until we go to the park.”

My mom asked me to take her new dog to the Vet & to not be scared when he sits in the car. He sat like this the entire time..(OC) from funny


#53 “No, sweetie, we’re not going to the park today. Another day, perhaps?”

I think she knows we’re going to the vet.

#54 “What blasphemy is this?! What do you mean we’re not going to the park?!”

That face wen u find out ur going to the vet and not the dog park from rarepuppers

#55 “I’m not here if YOU can’t see ME.”

If I can't see you, you can't see me. #hidingfromthevet #dramaqueen #puppyproblems101

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#56 “Yup, this is definitely a good place to hide from everything and everyone.”

My dog "hiding" from the vet from aww

#57 Yup, they definitely can’t agree on how they feel like whenever they hear the word “vet.”

My dogs have mixed feelings about going to the vet

#58 “I’m going to stay here until my hooman thinks I don’t have to go to the vet.”

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