10+ Things You Should Know Before You Become A Dog Groomer Or Take Your Doggo To A Groomer

  • By Silas
  • February 24, 2018
  • 5 minutes read

Looking at all the stylish dogs that grace the dog park with their presence is bound to get you thinking. What is it like to style dogs? Or maybe you want to get your dog a bit of pampering at the pet salon. Grooming your dog is not as simple as grooming yourself. Dogs have different tolerance levels and you have to be careful about the level of styling. More importantly, you should know the following things if want to become a dog groomer or are just taking your dog to a groomer.

1. Before Grooming a Dog, You Must Understand the Purpose of Its Breed

Styling and grooming a dog is not just for the looks. Every dog breed sports a different fur pattern and you should not mess it up. The style it has initially is there for a purpose. For example, poodles were bred originally for athletics and hunting. The fluff at their hips is to keep their joints warm even in cold water. Understand the dog breed before beginning to groom it.

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2. Dogs Get Baths That are More Lavish Than the Ones You Take

When you take your dog to a groomer who promises quality, you can expect a bath routine complete with oils, shampoos, and facials. Good groomers usually take an hour to clean your doggo up and apply products that are suitable for their fur and skin. If you want to become a groomer, you should start by learning the difference between fur and skin products for dogs. That way you can deliver an experience that the dogs and their parents would remember.

Will this break the Internet?

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3. Getting School-Trained for Dog Grooming is Not a Must

Many young groomers believe that a certification course would allow them to have better prospects in the market. There are many such short-term training schools like the International Professional Groomers and National Dog Groomers’ Association of America. To be honest, these basic courses are not worth much if you have no practical experience. What you learn on the job prepares you for more advanced grooming sessions. Start from the bottom and work your way up if you really want to get better.

4. Grooming Tools are Not Cheap and You Should Not Compromise On Their Quality

If you are taking your dog to the groomer, make sure that they use good quality and clean equipment to clean and trim your pet. Professional groomers suggest changing the clippers and clipper blades every year or so depending on their wear. They also recommend using high-quality shear and the price per shear can go up to $400. Keeping shears of every type is important if you want to provide the best service to your customers.

5. The Pay Might Be Lesser Than What You Expect But the Job is Tougher

Depending on where you operate, your pay could be significantly or marginally lower than what it pays to groom humans. If you take into consideration the patience and concentration that goes into grooming a dog, the pay seems even lower. Hairstylists make more than dog groomers while doing less the work.

6. You Have to Remain Calm If You Want Your Client’s Dog to Remain Calm

Acting worked up or nervous when you are about to begin grooming the dog would scare the dog. Dogs pick up the energy you exhibit. Create a relaxing ambiance with soft-scented essential oils. Prohibit the use of phones inside the room. Ask pet parents to take their barking dogs out as politely as you can if it’s riling up the dog you are working on. Some groomers bring in their own dog to the room to calm down a nervous client. Don’t make unexpected moves. Show the dog that you understand him/her and you would have their trust.


7.  You Have to Understand the Difference in the Fur Coats to Take Proper Care of the Dogs

Asa groomer it is your responsibility to determine if the regular grooming would be enough for a dog. You should be ready to change your style of grooming for every dog your serve. They have different coats which require different forms of care. Choose your products with care. You don’t want to damage the fur that protects a dog’s skin and regulates their body temperature.

8. Mistakes Happen and you Have to be Well-Prepared For Them

No matter how focused you stay on the job, you are prone to making mistakes. Especially when you are trimming the nails and clip it a little bit too much. Dogs don’t like to stay still and these things are bound to happen. The more important thing is to have a vet in close contact with your pet salon. Learn basic CPR and first aid so that you can keep injuries at the minimum.

9. Badly Behaved Dogs Will Visit You Too

When they do, you might be forced into being on your toes. Few dogs have no training whatsoever and get bored too easily. They don’t even listen to their parents, who are you? You should try your best to remain calm and not fight the dog. Ask the parents to take them on a long hike before coming back to you again. Or recommend them to get a groomer who would come to their house so that the dog remains in friendly territory.

10. Try to Avoid Dying a Dog and If You Must Then Do So Extra Carefully

Some parents have weird requests. You are going to get them if you become a groomer. You’ll have to deal with the weird fur dyeing wishes. You don’t have to agree to it if you feel it’s dangerous for the dog. However, you can get creative in a safe way with dog-friendly and non-toxic colors. This pomeranian below is a great example.

11. Its a Fun Job Most of The Time!

Working with cute dogs all day is like a dream come true! You will have lots of fun making new friends. You will never get bored. Pamper the dogs like they deserve it and make your fellow humans happy. Best job in the world, isn’t it?

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12. Perfection is Not a Necessity

If you are a perfectionist, you might feel pressured to deliver a service without a single error. However, that would just make it stressful for you. It’s important for you to stay positive. So try to unburden yourself with the weight of perfection and just enjoy. People don’t care if you do a perfect job. They care more about the cleanliness of their dogs, their happiness, and their cuteness.


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