Amazing Snap Captures Angel Dog Ascending To Heaven

Once the dust has settled and we’ve grieved for a lost pet, the only thing left to do is to give his or her ashes back to the earth, but sometimes that dust doesn’t exactly settle.  When Ashley Lang went out to her beloved doggo Wagner’s favourite spot to spread his ashes, something incredible happened.


What was once Wagner’s ashes formed up into a ghostly silhouette of Wagner himself, leaping for joy as he ascends into the next life!


Amazing! Ashley herself had this to say to CBS Chicago.

“It’s pretty remarkable… the tail and the legs and he looks like he’s, you know, leaping to go up […] Everyone keeps calling him angel dog”

“Angel dog,” seems fitting. Whether or not you’re a believer in the afterlife, you cannot deny how crazy this picture is. Hopefully, Wagner is up there right now, with all the chew toys he can destroy and all the carpets he can pee on. RIP.

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