Castiel, The Lonely Wolf Dog, Opened Up The Second This Dog Walked In

Do you believe in true love between animals?

Well, if you don’t, this story will surely make you a believer. It all started when the Los Angeles residents came across a malnourished dog. They thought it was just another stray dog. However, he was in terrible shape, and he was riddled with parasites. Although they soon found out that he was a hybrid of a dog and a wolf.

This meant that he had many special needs and that he couldn’t live in the shelter. It is very hard to take care of a wolf-dog, so they didn’t know what to do until W.O.L.F. Sanctuary stepped in and that is how Castiel found his new home.

Castiel was found wearing a doggy collar.

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He might have found a new home, but he was still pretty shy.

He always sat in the corner of the infirmary.

Although they were able to treat him.

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He was named ‘Castiel’ akin to the Angel in Supernatural.

His name was inspired because of his remarkable transformation.

He truly did look like an angel.

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Then it came time to meet his other friends.

He was quite shy but was having fun nonetheless.

The staff even tried some wolf dating to get him mixed in the social circles.

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Nothing stuck until…. they brought Tenali.

Tenali is also a hybrid and quite energetic.

Castiel was overwhelmed at first.

But he soon warmed up to her.

After a couple of days, he started to realize that she wasn’t going to hurt him. He went from not having much and being alone for who knows how long to having this girl.

-Michelle Proulx

Their bond will hopefully continue to grow stronger.