Paw & Order: Family Doggo Arrested And Charged For Brutally Killing Holly The Elf

Ever heard of Josie, the elf killer?

You haven’t? Well, that is quite surprising since she has been headlining on the news these days after brutally killing Holly the elf. Yes, she is the person behind this horrendous murder. She was arrested soon after as the evidence was undeniable.

You see, it all started when a New Mexico family discovered the brutal site of Holly the elf’s dismembered body. Holly, the elf, has been a yearly visitor of San Juan County undersheriff, Shane Ferrari. However, no one expected that she would be able to come next year. Curiously enough, her body was discovered right beside the doggy door, the place where Josie Ferrari likes to hang out.

The evidence led the lawman to discover that it was an inside job.

*Warning* photographs of scene may not be suitable for viewers.

Posted by Shane Ferrari For Sheriff on Sunday, December 3, 2017

As I looked into Josie’s eyes, I saw nothing but guilt. It was sad.

So Ferrari had to do what anyone would hate to do. He had to arrest a loved one for the murder of Holly the elf. 5 December was the fated day. The Boston terrier was put behind bars, where she continues to reside in now.

She is facing three charges.

Apparently, she tried to tamper with the evidence. And she also fled the scene of the crime. So currently she is under house arrest and will continue to be under house arrest until her trial.

Here she is seen exercising in the yard.

Posted by Shane Ferrari For Sheriff on Monday, December 4, 2017

She has invoked her right against self-incrimination under the Fifth Amendment.

Folks, I have had a reach of 375,000 people with our “Josie the elf killer” story in less than 24 hours! As a Christmas…

Posted by Shane Ferrari For Sheriff on Monday, December 4, 2017

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