10+ Incredibly Accurate Tweets That’ll Make Every Dog Owner Say ” Same “

  • By Asad Tipu
  • October 28, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

Owning a dog is a bigger deal than you think.

It’s not just companionship and understanding that you create with your pup, but also with other fellow pup lovers.  You know what ordeals they’ll go through because you went through it with your own little furbaby.

That’s just how the wheel turns.

But it might make you wonder exactly what it is that creates these camaraderie among furdads and furmoms. Well, look no further, because the following tweets show exactly what I mean.

#1 Depression.

Twitter: @sadgirlkms

#2 Wtf are you eating?

Twitter: @MedievalReacts

#3 Drunk in the kitchen.

Twitter: @enjoIras_

#4 The usual.

Twitter: @lilghosthands

#5 He’s too smol to be angry.

Twitter: @holyfag

#6 Wise words from almond.

Twitter: @ahmedtwinkie

#7 You finally understand.

Twitter: @hels

#8 It was an accident, I swear!

Twitter: @taylorndean

#9 We leaving?

Twitter: @veganshorty

#10 Dog negotiator.

Twitter: @longwall26

#11 Mealtimes.

Twitter: @dogtextings

#12 Life goals.

Twitter: @loyalgaI

#13 Sales.

Twitter: @david8hughes

#14 Obey!

Twitter: @datassque

#15 Birthday party.

Twitter: @granitetide

#16 Fat rescue.

Twitter: @ErrenMichaels

#17 He’s still grateful.

Twitter: @paetonmathes

#18 Employing needs.

Twitter: @Iolitatbh

#19 Realises face time.

Twitter: @deeeameddie

#20 Cartwheels.

#21 Deceit.

#22 Drowning.

#23 Couldn’t get out of bed.



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