Student Offers Condolences to His Teacher After Her Dog Died In The Sweetest Way

  • By Eva Yong
  • March 8, 2018
  • 3 minutes read

All things come and go.

Unfortunately, that involves doggos too. It can be pretty hard to say goodbye to the pal who was there for you through the good times and the bad times. And it can be especially tough to be the one to decide to end the doggo’s life even though it’s for the greater good.

Meet Lucie Dunne, who lives in Glasgow, Scotland, with her mum Gemma, who teaches at St Michael’s Primary School.


This is Charlie, the family’s 18-month-old golden retriever, who passed away abruptly.


Lucie said that they had found a lump on his chest and brought him to the vet immediately to get it checked out.

“Before we knew it, he was in intensive care with cancer and a massive tumor pressing into his heart. By the end he was oxygen-dependent and we had to let him go.”


Both the mother and daughter were heartbroken, but Gemma was the one who was affected by the news the most.

Lucie said her mum was the most excited by Charlie’s presence.

“The kids often drew pictures of the dog for her and asked about him, and on Monday when she came back into work she was acting quite off so let them know Charlie had sadly passed away at the weekend.”

Here's Gemma with Charlie as a puppy.
Lucie Dunne

That was when one of Gemma’s students, Callum, thought it would be nice to do something sweet for his mourning teacher. Callum wrote an acrostic that praised Charlie till no end.

Twitter: @luciedunne_

The note reads as below:

“To Mrs. Dunne,

I’m sorry about your dog. I want to say that your dog was:

Happy. I bet your dog was always happy.

Adorable. I bet your dog was super adorable.

Relative. I bet your dog was really related to you.

Lucky. I bet your dog was really lucky to have.

Incredible. I bet your dog was super incredible.

Energetic. I bet your dog was always full of energy.

But most of all I know your dog was special and your dog is in a better place and is looking over you.”

The note ended with the words, “Charlie was a great dog,”

Lucie Dunne

The sweet thought deeply touched Lucie and Gemma.

“She was quite touched when he gave it to her, as well as the rest of the family when she showed it to us that night,” said Lucie.


When Lucie posted the acrostic on the Internet, she got an overwhelming response to Callum’s thoughtful letter. One of Callum’s Twitter fan made an acrostic just for Callum.

Good on you, Callum, for brightening up your teacher’s day!

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