This Dad’s Dog Grooming Hack Has Gone Viral As People Are Going Gaga Over It

  • By Silas
  • February 18, 2018
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Do you have a dog who loves getting groomed? If yes, then you are among the lucky few in this world. Pet doggos are well-known for despising any kind of trimming and clipping. But that’s not something that they can avoid for long. Dog parents get them groomed one way or another. This dad took the road less traveled and took things to a different level, literally.

Twitter user Kendal Peifer recently shared the nifty tactic her dad uses to clip their dog’s nails. A typical “dad-thing,” as many have termed it, her tweet went viral for obvious reasons.

The dog hates getting his nail clipped, so daddy here remodeled a purse in a way unimagined before.

This life hack grabbed the attention of the appreciative people out there. The headlamp just makes it better.

That’s not all. The defeated and surrendered dog cut a forlorn figure. He deserves our sympathies.

How could they let the dad be after watching his intelligence at work? He is, apparently, a guy out of these people’s dreams.

Ladies, get yourself a man who can derive such innovative hacks. Also, ladies, keep your purses away from their reach if you do get a man like that.

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