Your Dog Is a Better Judge of Character Than You Are and Science Approves This Fact

  • By Silas
  • June 19, 2018
  • 3 minutes read

Dogs are the most loyal creatures. As a dog lover, I would prefer to trust a dog over a human in many situations. That’s something all dog lovers would agree with as well. So it’s not much of a surprise for us when multiple scientific studies prove that dogs are great judges of character.

Our furry doggos can communicate with us in a way that makes them very human-like. They provide us with emotional support when we need it. To add to that, a study published in the journal, “Neuroscience and Bio-Behavioral Reviews,” claims that dogs can understand when someone is acting rude to another person.

This means that your dog can judge a person it meets by their actions and behavior. Dogs treat people accordingly. Have you ever wondered why your dog randomly growls at someone for the first time? Now you know what that means.


The Study Tested the Dogs’ Reaction to Unhelpful People

Researchers conducted this study to see how dogs treat people who refuse to help their owners. The owners were asked to pretend to struggle while opening a container.


Two researchers were present there as well. One just stood doing nothing at all. The other either helped or actively refused to help the owner.


After that, both the researchers offered treats to the dog. The dog showed no preference when the helpful or neutral researcher gave them treats. But when the unhelpful researcher did so, the dog just refused to accept a treat from the person who refused to help their owners.


If you used to think that your dogs love you only because you bring them food, now is your chance to change your thinking. Your dog knows the people it meets and treats them the way they deserve.


Another Study Proves That Dogs Use Their Judgment When Socializing

A Japanese study proved the superiority of a dog’s sixth sense when it came to identifying good and bad people.

“We discovered for the first time that dogs make social and emotional evaluations of people regardless of their direct interest,” Kazoo Fujita, the Lead Researcher on this study, told Glamour.

Again, it takes more than just treats to win a dog’s heart.


Dogs surpass our expectations every time!


If you find yourself incapable of finding the right person to date or have doubts about a salesperson at your door, you know where to look for help. Introduce the people in your life to your dog, and your dog shall ensure that your circle improves in quality, if not in quantity.

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