11 Dogs In Ponchos Are Looking Better Than Lady Gaga

Dog fashion is just amazing!

Since its 2018 attire for Dogs is readily available everywhere. And we have to agree that Dogs look absolutely adorable and classy wearing clothes! I mean, just imagine your pupper running around your house in a little hoodie, how cute would that be? Or how awesome would it be to play fetch while your dog wears a tiny superhero costume?

But then again, Dogs are meant to be cool and can pretty much look great in anything! I mean, of course, they run around naked anyway and we still love them so with a little bit of clothing everything becomes even better.

Now you might have seen puppers in a variety of different clothes. But, have you ever seen absolutely awesome looking Dogs wearing Ponchos?

No? Then scroll on below and take a look!

1. A Samoyed wearing a poncho.

2. And here we have a small Frenchie.

3. Golden Retriever in a rain poncho.

4. Look at this Chihuahua.

5. These adorable Rescue Dogs are my personal favorite.

6. And then we have this Dog from Colorado.

7. This looks so cozy and comfortable.

8. Australian Shepherd in another rain poncho!


9. A stylish Greyhound.


10. And, of course, more chihuahuas.


11. And the last but not the least a smiling doggo wearing a pink poncho.

So what do you think about these adorable little guys? We’re they looking awesome in those ponchos or what? Do you have a pet dog? If so then why not take pictures of your dog in poncho and share with us?

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