These Puppers Sharing Their Toy While Their Mom Gives Them Treats Is The Most Purest Thing You’ll Ever See

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Via YouTube

I’m sure you must’ve all heard this one. Whether you like sharing or not, it is very accurate. While that may be it, we all know dogs don’t want to share. I mean, it is in their nature to guard their possessions against others. So, that is precisely why it is so surprising to see two white Labradors, Grace and Cuba, sharing their favorite teddy bear with each other.

It is truly adorable!

Via YouTube

Don’t take these two dogs as a sample of all dogs though, as they usually hate to share their things. However, they can be trained to do otherwise. You can teach your dogs by implementing a training program tailored to the unique personality of your dog.

So this is truly special to see them share not only their favorite toy, but also food.

Grace and Cuba are best friends.

Via YouTube

Which evidently might be the reason why they are not hesitant to share things with each other. You can see that after one dog let’s go of the teddy bear, the other snatches it up. Each time this happens, their mum holds out a treat for the empty mouthed puppy.

It is a perfect way to illustrate that sharing is okay.

Via YouTube

This whole scenario continues until their mum has run out of treats. It is indeed heartwarming to take a look at their expecting faces when their mum holds out the treat. So it might take a little bit of time, but even your dogs can learn to do this!

Following is the whole video.

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