After Losing Her Dog This Artist Illustrated It With Heart Breaking Comics And It’ll Tear Your Soul Apart

So little detail, yet so much emotion.

It is indeed a heartbreaking feeling when you lose a pet that has been with you for what feels like forever. While everyone has their choice in what pet they like or want, I think we can all agree on one thing; pets make our life so much better. So it is especially hard when you have to let them go.

Jen-Jen Rose, a digital artist, had to let her dog go. The artists felt that there were many things that she wanted to tell her pup but wasn’t able to. So she drew the following illustration to bid her beloved pup farewell. Her farewell letter expresses her feeling sincerely, and it honestly brought tears to our eyes.

She usually likes to use vibrant colors in her illustrations, but the following ones express so much with just a few lines.

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You can feel the love she had for him.

He was there when no one else was.

Even when her family wasn’t.

He always had her back.

So she did the same for him.

She was there when he was taking his last breaths.

She can never thank him enough.

But he will always be with her.

People were quite touched too.

And her story reminded many of them of their own pets.

While some shared their own stories.

I can relate.

May he rest in peace.

Pets truly do become an important part of our life.


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